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Review: Chronicles of Mark Johnson

Some mysteries are meant to remain unsolved and others often gnaw at you until the answers and the pieces of the puzzle are in place.

Mark Johnson loved life as long as he was sitting on cliff top watching the waves, hearing the wind howl and the storm clouds filling the sky. Mark is a journalist who specializes in writing stories that have meaning, purpose and whose pictures capture the essence and soul of the scene that he captures within the lens of his camera. Mark while talking to his friend Phil on the phone reveals information about himself that is quite striking and unique. Mark and a group of his friends are part of a research group that focuses on psychic abilities. This is where the mystery and the story really become more intricate and exciting as Mark relates that he receives signals and can communicate with as he calls them essences, not ghosts.

A wall of silence seems to have been built or fenced around the town and Mark has no idea why. Mark loves to as he puts it chase the weather and often waits for storms, heavy winds and rain to take his pictures. But, one face and one picture haunt him as he thinks he spots a face in the window of the Old Morton Manor.

Rumor has it that a young girl disappeared from this house and while in seclusion which is how he likes to define his life, Mark’s goal was to solve the mystery as to what really happened to her and why she disappeared 20 years ago. But, when he approaches anyone in the town, looks for past records or any information no one says anything. He gets stonewalled.

Richard Morton appears one day on the beach and states he used to own the house on the cliff. As he and Mark talk about the old house, the girl and the events that led up to her disappearance what Richard reveals would shed light on why the town hid the truth, what happened to him and who the young girl in the window is. Could she be the spirit of the dead girl? Who is this Richard Morton and what role if any did he play in this mystery? What will happen if Mark goes up to the house and confronts what he thinks he sees or the person he thinks is there?

Read The Wind In Your Face to find out just what was behind her disappearance and what the town does when they learn the truth and how they treat Mark. Some pictures will remain forever. There is not one that he takes that everyone will never forget nor will he. This is a well-written story filled with just the right amount of suspense, drama and intrigue to keep the reader’s interest and ready for the next story. Let’s find out what Mark is up to next as I begin story two: The Portern Case by author Alan Place.

Imagine having your life and family taken away from you because something happens and you look guilty. Imagine if other discounted the truth that you tried to tell because no one believed in your honesty and truth? Patrick Kingsley has spent many years wandering and hoping to have his name cleared. But, first he has to convince Mark Johnson to take his case and help him. We meet Phil Moore and Annette his girlfriend who tries to enlist Mark into helping solve this case. But, first they need a plan to get him to Darringby. Annette convinces Mark that they need a new car and by doing this she is able to get him to meet this man. Hearing his story convinces him that he can be of help and he agrees. As Patrick relates how his ship was pulled onto the rocks and all hand and cargo were lost. There were four men at the wheel but no matter how hard they tried they lost the battle. He got blamed and lost his license, his family and his life. No one believed him.

Mark became exhilarated and decided to help and free a soul. With Annette, his guide and his artist who saw the visions of what was there beforehand and remaining outside Mark was able to forge ahead. But, before Mark can come out of this safely he must venture within close to this house but a voice calls out to him to stay out and not open the door. But, just who the voice belongs to and why it warns him you won’t get from me as I promised the essence or the spirit that I would let Mark tell it and you have to read it to find out. Do they clear the captain and what is his final fate? Read this creatively written story to find out.

Story Three: The next stories blend together as the author relates how it all began, why Mark decided to become a recluse and live in seclusion, how he met Annette and his close friendship with Phil. Fighting his inner most demons and coming to grips with his life was hard for Mark after dealing with the case at the North Moor. Sometimes events in your life can impact greatly on your future and often remain with you no matter how hard you try to convince yourself you are okay. Keeping your inner most fears at bay is hard and allowing himself to find his strength. After the North Moor Mark changed greatly and the author shares his experiences with the reader and how he came to solve the next case the Parkland Grange Case and those involved. The area had a mysterious history; there had been sounds, disappearances, sightings and more. Tales based on truths or at least spirit beliefs.

But, there is much more as Mark relates the entire event. Annette goes on to explain how a group of travelers that arrived set in motion the events to follow, the lives lost and the revenge some took upon an old squire, why and the end result for his crimes. This story is told in detail, more graphic and will enlighten the reader as to why Mark is so fragile in some ways and strong in others. But, there were children involved here and the evil was hiding the murders but the events happened away from the house and the shawl or veil protected the children. But the events are still unsolved in many ways as the author continues with Thoughts of the North Moor and then Return to the North Moor.

The North Moor
The thoughts came front and center as the terrors of this place seems to have a tight grip on him and the reasons behind his behavior as Annette and Phil realize that Mark is so caught up in this place he disappears to the cave and they have to find him. Hoping that he is okay because left without any food or phone they search for him realizing that there is only one way this can be solved. Feeling safer and more secluded will not help him overcome his fears but going back to the North Moor might. Finding their way there they decide to go to Parleby on the Sea fro the weekend to the Parleby Manor. What they learn from the lady who owns it will change many things. As Mrs. Chalmer the owner explains a drawing done by her great great great great grandfather and handed over the Manor House to the Porter family as payment for a gambling debt his son incurred. But, there is much more that she reveals as the mists are the spirits of her ancestors protecting the righteous there and the end result of the church there is quite startling. The church fell down and people moved away. Old Man Porter hated the church and the rest you need to learn for yourself to understand what happened to the family, the townspeople and the church. But, the story is just beginning as they return home and get a call that the original house he sealed seems to be coming alive, as he must return again.

The entity seems to be seeping through as Lady Heather wants Mark’s help and with Phil and Annette as his guide maybe this time he will succeed and beating the demon. “Into the valley of death,” Mark jumped down the chute and then the adventure begins. With Annette’s voice guiding him and telling him what to believe, what is real and what is an illusion will he finally get the spirits out of this house and gone forever. What happens when Annette tells him what to look for and how to finally get the demons out of the house you won’t believe? But as one adventure ends another starts as Annette cannot get the name Codisham out of her dreams.

The Parleby on Sea Casebook
Mark Johnson is always in such a state of torment. Mrs. Chalmers had enlightened him about the history of her family and the positioning of the painting that had nothing to do with the house in the background. The position was out of order and strange to him at the time. So, what does this have to do with our next adventure? The real mystery that the mist did not touch the ground around the house and it was like something Annette says was under the ground pushing it away.  

The next story starts with the three friends going to the annual fair and meeting several interesting people from the town. As Ken Drayton and Peter Marham related some interesting facts about the Chalmer house Mark recounts what he does, his job and his interest in this information leading him to recall his visit to Parleby. Stating that the Chalmer house must be cursed, unable to be sold they claim or feel that Earth Spirits power the sea and control the house. A painting that Mrs. Chalmer showed them when they were there still bothers Mark as the positioning of it was wrong and the odd mist represented within the picture not touching the round seemed strange now and even at the time. Mrs. Chalmer’s death saddened the group but within this meeting another friend arrives that Mark knows from this time at Uni and Rachel is another psychic and with her help maybe he will survive this next case.

The drawing of the house drew her attention as the shadowy figure between the houses is the focal point. Mark focused his attention between the house and the image of the girl moving across the grounds recalling a similar if not the same one at the post office and the fair grounds. But, there is much more as the people of the town decided to burn down this house to rid themselves of the spirit but in reality they did something much worse. The picture, the girl just who it is and how it relates to the Chalmers you have to learn for yourself. But, Mark loves a mystery and will he enter the house? You know Mark!

As Rachel enters the scene and sees Mark after a long period of time an old friendship is rekindled but more important a session begins that would change everything as Mark goes inside the house, hears voices and realizes the spirit is in control. But, with the guidance of the two women will he survive? How Rachel and Annette knew Mark was in trouble and how they try to help him is quite remarkable but since the spirits are still in control this information will remain sealed and you have to enter the house and find out for yourself when you join Mark in solving this case.

The Talisman of Perochian
This for now is the final case until our author decides to write more. Phil receives an odd call form someone claiming to have the Talisman of Petrochian. Imagine a Talisman that controls one of the most dangerous and fierce spirits. Does it really exist? The demon does gut the Talisman? Mark relates studying the elemental atmospheric changes. He learns some things that are quite bad. Annette is his spiritual painter and reader and what she sees worries her. As Annette explains the actions in details and what Old Earth Magic is, the demon decides it is in control and will wait for nothing an no one to take control and destroy more than just our friends. Her paintings did not create any shapes or images or signs of forms. This is of great concern to them all. This is bone chilling to say the least but there is much more. Annette is having trouble focusing and she feels this case will be worse than the one at the North Moor.

But, nothing will stop Mark from gathering his thoughts and the needed things to enter the house but not before they take a break or hoped to take one at the Abbey and ideal stetting for them to recharge their own batteries. But, they did not have to wait for long before things start to happen. Driving to Whitlley Manor they stated their concerns. But, the more Mark explains the more unsettled Annette becomes until the final showdown. An old friend named Pat Sammels shows up and leaves them something special. But what?

Reminding Mark to never to lose faith will that help when he sees that he is up against this time? The author describes the event quite graphically and in living Technicolor for the reader but in order to experience what he does you need to take the trip inside with him as you read this great final story. The battle begins and the creatures are at full strength but will Rachel and Annette be able to guide Mark this one last time? Did he know what will happen before he entered the house? Did he stop the demon? Read this final story and learn for yourself. Just his this ends and what is next for Mark and his team you won’t know until the author continues the amazing Chronicles of Mark Johnson.

Only author Alan Place knows what’s next and of course THE SPIRITS!

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