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Reading or Writing? Decisions, Decisions…

Reading or Writing

Have you ever heard the old adage that doctors make terrible patients? Well to my mind with a slight change in the wording I firmly believe that it can equally apply when referring to authors.

Authors make bad readers! There I’ve admitted it.

Since I first started writing seriously back in the latter part of the last century, my love of reading gradually took a back seat as the need to write took over my entire being.

While I still read other people’s novels for pure enjoyment, I find myself putting down that must-read novel in favour of picking up that fact-filled book or article necessary to my latest writing project, all in the name of research.

Whenever I pick up a novel for a few hours of literary delight, I find myself constantly reading the same page over and over as my latest storyline keeps on interrupting.

In the end I have to give in and fire up my laptop to get that just thought of passage within the storyline in front of me on the screen.

The whole process is very annoying to say the least when trying to read that novel now sitting closed on the table beside me.

Call me weak-willed if you like. But, when you have the writing bug firmly entrenched in you, everything else that seemed important to you simply fades away.

Reading or writing – decisions, decisions…

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