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Page Turners interview with Hosts Meg Collins and Nancy Duci Denofio:
Welcome to Page Turners with your Hosts Meg Collins and Nancy Duci Denofio, along with our guest Hosts Alexandria Altman and Dr. David Haisten, as well as our Co-Host, Anastacia Hauldridge.

We are honored to have John DeDakis, Author of Fast Track and Bluff on our show from 7pm-8pm EST. He is the Senior Editor to Wolf Blitzer on CNN for the Situation Room. His love for writing has followed him most of his life. We had the pleasure of talking about Fast Track last year, and now he is back, and BLUFF is the word we are speaking of this month with John. Following John Dedakis is Comedy Writer Mr J. from the UK.

  • We have someone that is goanna make us laugh. We have, MR.J coming up, ahhh good, Mr.J, ha-ha! Hello, Mr.J, and welcome to our show: “Page Turners”, on RED RIVER RADIO…
  • Greetings & salutations to all the hostesses with the mostess…es: Meg, Nancy, Alexandra, & Anastasia? Did I get everybody, is anyone’s name missing like the kid who uses the back photo on an expired milk carton as a driver’s license?
  • (Laughs) Absolutely, so why are you called “Mr.J”?
  • ‘Cuz every joke begins with J, no but…Well, before I answer that, parenthetically, I’d like to give another round of applause to the guest on right before me, John Dedakis, of CNN. (Applause SND FX)
  • (Laughing) Yes, that was great, that was fabulous, ha-ha.
  • Thank you. But all joking to the side, either side is fine. I’ll get to Funny-vile after a short detour from Levity Lane exiting off into the intersection of Serious Street and Boring Blvd, before taking Dramatic Drive then  at last-maladroitly merging my Melancholy Milestone from the intellectual interstate to the Funny Freeway and hopping in the HOV of Hilarious Humor. But first…incidentally, I feel I should delineate that John was exuberantly veridical, unbound by the shackles of feigned affectations. It’s a tough act to follow. How do I go on after that guy? It’s like having Elvis or the Beetles open for garage band.
  • (Laughs) Ha, a garage band following, Elvis, I love it. Those are some big shoes to fill.
  • Big shoes? Yes it’s like Shaq wore clown sneakers, huge shoes to fill!
  • (Giggles) As a comedy performer you must’ve in the beginning before winning all these awards but when you began, felt at first that way John mentioned, that some people were better than you?
  • Ummm, ummm, uhhh. Not really, no, nope. The people better than me were a small group that I would refer to as…’everybody’! (Plays Laugh Track SND FX)
  • (Laughs) Oh, you are funny, ha-ha.
  • You guys are laughing before I even tell the punch line, that’s what we call a ‘premature joke-u-lation’!
  • (Laughs) So, how will we start, Meg Collins, I guess…
  • “Meg Collins” is the “Meg I’m calling”, “MC” is the “Emcee”.
  • (Laughs) He’s a funny guy. We needed some comedy. We were whispering, “Mr.J, please make us laugh…”
  • Yeah it acted as the midwife to the birth of copious dramatic turbulence. So, I’m goanna be splendidly silly since John was so serious he made “Schindlers’ List” look like a Carrot Top performance. Now look, alright, I’m not saying it was so dark, dreary, & depressingly desolate but c’mon, let’s face it, truth-be-told, folks; His interview should come with a razor and a note. I kid, I kid, but hey listen, okay, it was like hand me a rope & chair, a tub & toaster, or something really sad combo like ugh, ugh, uhmmm I don’t know like…Sarah Palin & the answer key to Trivial Pursuit!
  • (Laughs) So, Mr.J, you’re popular in London, your publisher is in London, you’ve won awards in London, so, are you calling our show from the UK, right now?
  • No, I don’t know how that rumor got started. I think it’s cause I’m ahead of my time but only about 6 hours or so, so the time zone difference, people precipitously postulate I’m from across the pond.
  • (Laughs) That’s amazing, so, Mr.J, we’re all consumed with curiosity now, so where are you from?
  • I don’t think that’s prudent to share with a million worldwide listeners. I’m not a four leaf clover, Waldo, Carman Sandiego…I’m much harder to find: Like a Republican with an IQ above room temperature…I’m sorry I mispronounced the word “Igloo” as “room”!
  • (Laughs)
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