Opening: The Adventures of Chase Manhattan


Under the seat of this Explorer is a suitcase that would change the complexion of science and allow someone to move from one place to another unseen. An assailant so clever and careful she escaped injured them and hopefully destroyed any hopes of their success attacked Chase Manhattan and his friends in their hotel room.

Chase and his friends were on a mission to save the suitcase and the technology created by it related to a breakthrough on wormholes. The man who created the breakthrough Nicholas Fischer is sitting in a prison cell and the people that knew about the suitcase and worked along with him are dead. Nicholas Fischer has a son Nicky Jr. whose agenda was the same as his father’s except his included murder. Those working with his father and who might profit financially from selling the information to a European bank had to die. From the author of Breakthrough comes the sequel Opening as we learn the fate of Chase Manhattan, Susan, Bennie and Carol at the end and find out where they stand at this new beginning.

Mr. Romano is furious with himself and many others for losing the suitcase that the killer that attacked Chase and his friends has. Mr. Romano was supposed to sell the information and the case to a European Bank with the help of Gloria Newcombe to this bank but instead she wound up dead and the ten million she was to get and the five million he was to be paid was lost. But, Mr. Romano had what he thought was a true ace in the hole in his brother Jake who was a fountain of information and able to get Mr. Romano the Intel needed to take out those who in his way including Chase who started it all. One flash drive returned to its rightful owner with information that would change use of message boards on computers, caused Chase to come on his radar and not below it where he hoped to stay. Mr. Romano wanted the flash drive and he wanted Chase gone.

Money is a real aphrodisiac and the quest for power and control sometimes is reached at the expense of others. Imagine having control over the most sought after technology in the world. Technology so unique, so dangerous yet so mindboggling that its power and energy fits within the confines or walls of a suitcase. Imagine being able to deliver a suitcase containing one-kiloton nuclear battery worth five million dollars upon receipt. The device simply opens wormholes. But, Mr. Romano did not what it does. Romano owes millions and a bank in Europe would pay him for this device, which would help balance out his debts. But, not everything always goes as planned. Somehow his mater plan was not as well though out and executed when other players more powerful and clever are involved.

Chase Manhattan is one of those players. Chase is a Professor who is one thorn in Romano’s side. Chase is the one responsible for returning the flash drive to its rightful owner. Gloria Newcombe worked for Globalized Dynamics and was there until her untimely and well-executed death. She was a research scientist. Her immediate supervisor, Nicholas Fischer was the creator of this amazing nanotechnology. But, just when all of the pieces were in place another player came into the picture and lives were lost, information stolen and the grand prize no longer within Romano’s grasp. Professor Fischer and Chase Manhattan are not strangers to each other. Professor Fischer for some reason took the rap for the murders and is now in prison. But, truth be known and it will be to others soon enough his son, Nicky Jr., hungry for power took control of the coveted suitcase, had his own paid assassin use the technology to elude the guards and by pass security systems in order to execute those that needed to be eliminated and walk away unseen. This paid assassin has the suitcase owned by Newcombe that Romano wanted. Another is tucked neatly under the seat of Chase Manhattan’s SUV. But, Chase is not working along he has his own team and although not quite as deadly as Romano’s or Nicky’s quite intelligent and able to fight back on their own.

From the author of the best selling novel Breakthrough, Stephen Tremp, comes Opening The Adventures of Chase Manhattan. This is just the beginning as the whereabouts of the suitcases missing Chase knows should not be hard to find but his location would be if the team does not disable the tracers within the case that he has. Nicky Jr. and his paid assassin Staci Bevere are a deadly combination. Working with students at MIT they have convinced themselves and these students that there is an impending “New World Order.” Claiming the group called the Artisans of  a New Dawn is responsible for what he feels is happening. Targeting their members and killing them is his solution. Thinking they are a secret society like the Illuminati but they are real. Nicky is totally insane and wants science to replace, “religion, corporations and politics.” He feels advances in physics biochemistry and nanotechnology would benefit mankind. Greed, selfishness and deceit will it win out or will someone stop him before things really explode? His goal is to use the suitcases final use as a bomb to blow up the World Trade Center in Geneva. But, that is just the tip of a very large iceberg. But, there are many more players on both sides. Chase has Nancy and Fred whose job it is to provide the Intel and help with the demise of Nicky and his plans. The other side has Khyati even more deadly so they think. However, I cannot divulge all of the secrets because the enemy just might put a tracer on this review because the information is too valuable and we do not want the wrong hands to get it.  

The author reveals the background of these MIT students, the plans Nicky has and the end result to get what they want. Killing means nothing to them as the end result would be the power behind the suitcases, retrieving the sender suitcase they lost rescuing Staci and saving the world from greed. Nicky announces a startling revelation stating he knows where his father hid the spare uranium and he announces his next target.

Nicky has gone another step and this time it might be too far as he finds the uranium his father has hidden and wants to create the suitcases himself. Up until this point his father had put together the suitcases now he wants to handle the nuclear material. His attitude is frightening to say the least and has his team worried. But, as Nicky is planning his next move Staci experiences something that would change the course of her life and hopefully wake them up to the dangers she encountered. When going through the wormhole in Khayti’s basement she experienced a sense of evil. It was as if she went through a tunnel filled with decaying bodies that were alive and the smell was worse than that in a funeral parlor. When Staci finally returns after almost getting caught she explains her experiences to Nicky who has other plans for her but not exactly what she would expect. I guess a girlfriend in his case is only as good as her last assassination. When Staci states that she would not take part in the next murder of James Johnson he enlists Mina help to dispose of her in a very painful way. While they are killing off their so called enemies Chase and his team have regrouped and are discussing their next step in preventing Nicky from bombing the WTO and hopefully bringing him out in the open with the help of his father. But, there is much more as Nicky is going to break his father out of jail in order to get him to help stabilize the wormholes and help create more suitcases. But, will Nicky learn his father’s true motives and will Chase be able to stop whatever they have planned?

What happens when Nicky attempts to break his father out will definitely surprise the reader as the end result will leave him and his team baffled and his father not where they would have expected. Added to the mix his Chase’s fear of what Nicky has planned for mankind as his subplot. Imagine a virus that only he and his team have the antidote.

When all of the players are finally revealed and the end result and all the  elements are in place you will not believe just how high up the corruption and greed goes and to what extent each side will go to win the coveted prize. As Romano relates his horrific experience going through the wormholes a crooked Senator unveils his plan to create a Class One Civilization. The Senator as he listens to Romano realizes he knows more than he is letting on and the word wormhole strikes a large opening or chord.

From China, Taiwan to across the oceans all over the world no one is immune to what this group has planned. Technology that can destroy the world or is it technology that will make travel easier and help medical staff and emergencies get handled faster? Everyone is watching the world is on the alert and only one side will come out ahead. Missiles over Taiwan and computer explosions and much more as one young girl learns the true meaning of betrayal and the world stands by to see just how far some will go to create an Opening or Wormhole. An ending that will keep you on the edge and the final showdown yet to come as Chase and his team go up against some powerful people and the end result is yet to come. Once again author Stephen Tremp keeps the reader on edge until the very end and we all know there is much more to come. Wormholes: Openings: Just where will they take you when you enter the Tunnel?

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