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My Circle of Friends

My Circle of Friends

My Circle of Friends

With the exception of a handful of personal friends who I’ve known for years, most of my current circles of friends on the internet are all writers.

What’s wrong with that, I hear you cry? The short answer from a book sales point of view is – simply everything.

Put yourself in my shoes and think about it for a moment. You write books. Therefore you need to gain a loyal band of readers, who want to read every word you write – correct?

If your circle of friends is exclusively made up of fellow writers, how in hades do you expect to gain that readership?

As a group, we writers constantly moan and groan about our sales figures or lack of them to each other, along with complaining that our works, with a few exceptions, remain buried among the thousands of others currently available, largely unread.

It strikes me that unless we change our ways, our works will remain hidden from view.

Perhaps we need to organise ourselves into a collective of some sort, to advertise the products of all our hard work. Somehow or other, we have to stop what we’re currently doing, and concentrate on making friends on the internet who are not writers – but how?

Like all other groups of people with a common interest, or in our case, a vocation, we tend to seek each other out. We feel comfortable with our own kind. If anyone out there, preferably not a fellow writer, has a brilliant suggestion, please, please make it here.

One final word – no rude suggestions if you don’t mind!

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