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Some presents are more precious than gold or diamonds. If I could speak to you from wherever I am up in heaven, I am Lucky’s grandma Pearl and she was the best gift I ever received on my birthday.

Bringing me smiles and joy from the first moment she was born I am so glad that she is living in my house and of course I have a place of honor in a special Urn on her mantelpiece. Lucky is great. She is smart, beautiful and has three hunks for roommates. What else could any young girl want or any grandmother? It would be nice if one of these hunks decided to become hers but that’s not the case. Each of these great guys either has a girlfriend, her lab partner or just a roommate. Noah is lean and trim and quite hot. I can tell from here. Jason is just plain as she states beautiful and let’s not forget Gabe. Each one has his own endearing quality one that allows me to rest up here in peace. They are overprotective and look out for her safety and welfare like three older brothers.

Lucky is about to embark on something different that many others have tried. Relating it to Jason he decides to go with her to try it out. Many of you call it Speed dating where you sit at a table and you talk to someone for five minutes or whatever limit they set on the timer and then the guy moves to the next. I guess at the end of the evening you learn if anyone is interested. But, first she and Tara discussed Jason during their free time at school and Jason being a typical guy wanted to know everything Tara said about him. But, there is so much more that author Karina Gioertz has to share with the reader in this humorous, heartfelt novel about Grandma Pearl’s granddaughter: Lucky in Love.

Speeding Dating was next on her agenda. Not worrying about getting how she looked, putting on makeup or dressing to the nines Lucky deciding to wear what she did all day at school. Assessing herself she realized that this was definitely what most would say was a What Not To Wear to Get a Guy Outfit. But, on the other hand, both Tara and her friend Jason looked hot.

Her first encounter was with Ron and what happens is totally hilarious. Pretending to be a Vet and not an educator the conversation is a total riot and the outcome well poor Ron. The next guy was as she stated unsightly and each time she met someone she changed her name hiding her true identity for some reason and of course her real job. But, date number three turned out to be okay as Lucky decided she was finally in Luck!

At the end of the evening she is left alone and when she finds her car well you put them together. Coming face to face with Jason and Tara doing a semi-horizontal romp in the back of her car was not something that she wanted to see up close and personal. But, poor Lucky was not home free, as she needed Gabe to come and rescue her and take her home. Why? That you will have to ask her because I’m just relating the facts as I see them.

Talking about the speed dating with Gabe was okay as long as Noah did not find out or asks any questions. Told in Lucky’s own voice in the first person narrative she will continue telling you the rest of the story.  Saturday Brunch is a tradition. I cook up a storm and the only people invited are my three guys and me. We are family and no one interferes with our special time together. Not forgetting Grandma Pearl, her place of honor we begin eating until we cannot eat any more. The food at this Brunch I have to say is more than this reviewer eats in a month. The fresh fruit and yogurt dip sounds great but the rest, although delicious would not fit into my diet plan. But, they all had fun eating as we once again hear Lucky and what happens next. Noah has a habit of dating too many different girls and this very Saturday morning he came down to Brunch and unbeknownst to the rest of us he forgot to tell us about his visitor who did not seem to be too thrilled. But, there is much more as we meet D. Noah’s boss at the bar where he works, Lisa and a very special waitress named Terry at the all night diner. But, as you get to know my three guys you will learn that they are more than just roommates. They are loyal, kind, caring and definitely protective of me and watch out for my best interests when my judgment is impaired. As you will learn when you read about my date with Trevor the guy you remember that met at Speed Dating Night. First impressions are not always what they seem and after dinner and some drinks I got a rude awakening about Trevor as D saw him do something to my drink and the rest you might say is more than just history. Realizing many things about myself I tried to make it up to Noah and maybe face up to how he really feels about her even if I am not listening or focused on his words. But, reality sets in the next day and I wanted to talk about what happened and Noah wanted to date Amy.

Author Karina Gioertz takes the reader on the roller coaster ride of being single and dating. She introduces characters that blend well together, care about each other, are protective for the most part of their feelings and allows both Tara and Lucky to confide, laugh, bond and enjoy their fun time together without letting their other relationships get in the way. So, what will Lucky do about Noah? Why can’t she seem to find someone to trust and will he remember what he said to her and what he did in front of Grandma Pearl? But, then something happens that changes the dynamics of the family and Noah finds himself angry at Lucky and their friendship takes on a cold front. Buying a new couch would stop anyone from doing anything they should not on it since the new one made a horrible noise when you sit on it and was totally ugly. There is still much more before all is said and done.

Things start to heat up more and friendships are tested as Gabe expresses his feelings to Lucky.  A bet made to see whose students would get higher grades and the winner a hundred dollars richer. Just how Jason breaks into Lucky’s computer and what he learns about her you will have to read for yourself.

As my birthday approached something happened that night that made me realize just how alone I am. With a house full of friends living together, and a party in my honor I was still alone. Everyone there had a date and everyone was talking around me but not to me. Imagine how I felt sitting there on my supposed throne everyone talking, eating and having fun but me. Presents did not seem to change things as I opened them and loved each one but at the end of the evening she went home alone. Remembering Grandma Pearl and that they shared a birthday made her cry as she started talking to the urn and telling her grandmother as she faces the harsh realities of her life. Three good friends all in relationships where does that leave Lucky but she felt better after speaking to her. Sometimes just expressing your thoughts out loud will help you understand more than you think. Hidden in the background listening to her was Noah. Why didn’t he face the way he feels about her instead of hiding?

Friends separate and Lucky moves on to another job. Just what happens you will have to learn for yourself. Feelings kept bottled in and truths not revealed until it’s too late. Where will these friends wind up? Will Noah ever face his feelings for Lucky? Will Jason and Tara stay together and what about Gabe? Moving to New York with Jeanette will he be happy? Selling the house is like giving up her life and saying goodbye to Grandma Pearl. Who buys the house and what brings Lucky back home? Read Lucky in Love by author Karina Gioertz but make sure you bring along the tissues where needed, the smiles and hugs for all of the great characters in this book. Just how strong is their friendship? Lucky in Love: A great summer read and an even better one sitting in front of an open fire on a cold winter’s night with someone you love.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer and let’s not forget Grandma Pearl.

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