How Many Itis’s Do You Have?


How Many Itis’s

Going to the doctor can really try your patience, sense of humor, and stress level. Ever go to the doctor with someone else and while you are there the doctor wants to check you out too just because you went along for the ride to make sure the other person finally got check out.

Well, low and behold I went to the orthopedic surgeon, not for me to find out that I know have two itis’s: Arthur and Bur added to my Gastritis and how wonderful is that. If that is not bad enough he hit me with a few more things that I will not divulge. I don’t want anyone to think I am falling about after all I have tons of reviews to do, lots of radio shows ahead of me and some authors who even want online interviews with this author, that would be me.

How Many Itis's

But, it does not stop there. It is a good thing that I have a great sense of humor and when he gave me the diagnosis I just looked at him and said, “Anything else you want to add?”

At which point he told my husband that the diagnosis was simply a Defective Human Being and time to trade me in.

How great is that! But, since I am the only one of all three of us that can walk up even with my two itis’s 17 flights of stairs and not huff and puff and cry out in pain, well I guess I just might not be that defective.

The reason I decided to vent and write this article is that I now have four different itis’s and none of them are fatal but all are really annoying and depilating and worse; do not allow me to eat very much.

So, what did I do with all of this information: Well: I processed it and realized that there was little I could do about the pain in my legs other than taking something to alleviate it.

However, that led to another problem that of course I did foresee but chose to ignore. The meds for the pain caused gastritis in my stomach making it necessary for me to forego eating my favorite snack, which is grapefruit and that, does not make me too happy. Even worse is the doctor, yeah, I called him said not to drink coffee or tea making life really more pleasant since I love to start my day with tea with lemon and decaf tea does not cut it.

Added to the mess is the fact that I have to stay away from dairy products which leaves me with little or not much left to eat. So, no red meat, butter, fried foods, eggs, dairy products and citrus fruits are allowed for a while nor is caffeine. That leaves dry bagels, oatmeal dry, bran and maybe chicken and turkey but not processed. Bottom line: If I stay away from food and just drink water maybe I might have half a chance to not have at last two of the itis family diseases that I have.

I forgot the very first one that is really horrible and painful: The dread diverticulitis which is all the pain from the gas multiplied by infinity and worse which helps to eliminate vegetables that I love but give you gas. So, whenever you go to the dictionary and want to learn the definition of new words stay away from the itis family since you do not want them visiting you for any reason.

Going to the doctor is supposed to make you feel better but sometimes I feel it is hazardous and often ruins your day and of course, the snow does not help.

Getting checked out helped me to know that what I have is not fatal but when you tell it to other people they just look at you and silently say they are glad it is not them. Not that I blame them.

The only good thing to come out of all of this is that I just might lose even more weight. By the way, I only weigh 107 so losing a few more pounds might just be what the I need to get rid of that bloated and gassy feeling.

Doctors are great for diagnosing the problem and like with computer programs that fail they can provide a temporary fix but never a total cure. So, if you have an itis do your best to nurture it, take care of it and do everything to make sure it does not flare up, and then you might have half a chance to get rid of one or all of them from being part of your life.

What keeps me going: My sense of humor and my wild and witty personality. Have fun: Eat healthily and remember: Do what I do: Don’t dwell on the negative and think about the positive as I try to do. Reading some great books and reviewing them along with my radio shows and online interviews help keep me focused and centered. Not illness: But I would give anything to rid my life of all of the Itis’s and I hope you do too.

  1. Avatar of Fran Lewis
    Fran Lewis says

    I hope you like this article It is meant to make you smile and not worry about your aches and pains. At least I try not to. fran

  2. Avatar of Gabriel Constans
    Gabriel Constans says

    Some funny insights and comments Gabina. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    A lot of the sentence structure should be edited. Example, “It is a good thing that I have a great sense of humor and when he gave me the diagnosis I just looked at him and said, “Anything else you want to add?” That sentence is too long and should be 2 separate sentences. “It is a good thing that I have a great sense of humor. When he gave me…” Another example. “So, what did I do with all of this information: Well: I processed it and realized…” This should be “So, what did I do with all of this information? I processed it and realized…”

    The story might have been even stronger if you had kept describing your maladies as the “itis’s”. When you started giving details about what they were, it became less interesting and took away the mystery of what the “itis’s” were.

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