Healing through Ayurveda


Dr. Sonica Krishan’s latest published book ‘Healing through Ayurveda’ actually speaks of how to Identify, Understand and Take Care of yourself and your family.

How many times have you wondered as to why you are rather skinny and frequently fight digestive doldrums, usually have fluctuating mindset and creativity comes as innate virtue that keeps you engaged in ideas ever so often?
Or maybe you a hyper kind of person who is easily analytic and outraged over petite issues, suffer from skin afflictions and hyper-acidity and you are a born perfectionist.

Or maybe you are cool minded, thick skinned individual who tends to gain weight easily. Lethargy and unhurried attitude deliberates you and yet your easy-go-lucky approach keeps you stabilized both physically and mentally.
Now, you might seem to bear a resemblance to the build and character of any of these three distinct personalities, or may find yourself to be amalgam of the three varied persona!

In this apparent world we come across individuals with diverse personalities. People differ not only in looks and mental temperament, but also in attitude, tastes, reactions, abilities et all.

Within a single family, one member is easily annoyed by slight stimulus and other individual remains completely un-ruffled, one has naturally sluggish digestion, while the other complains of hunger pangs all the while. One person is a hard go-getter, while the other keeps the cool. One is a night person while the other finds it highly intricate simply eyeing the morning sun. The list goes on and on.

Our ancient science of Ayurveda has long back conceptualized the theory of our innate personality that marks our lifelong subsistence. Not only has this proficient knowledge helped us to categorize ourselves in relation to our inbuilt foundation, but once we are clear on the subject, we can virtually understand ourselves better and eventually take care of our entity gaining life long physical as well as mental wellness.

Although most of us today seem to have mixed personalities, there still is a dominant element in all of us. And this basic element governs our totality and makes our indispensable personality. This basic element or Dosha as proclaimed in our primordial text, subsists in three prime forms viz. vatta or the air, pitta or the fire and kapha or the phlegm. When the air is dominant, it is apt to make you erratic, whereas fire type individuals would be easily stimulated and yet supremacy of phlegm in your system reasons for physical and mental permanence.

Now imagine you get the answers to all those questions that have been always poking you and these aid you comfortably to accept yourself and the people around you! Now all you need to do is to understand your constitution and temperament basics, and lastly you are able to take care of yourself (and all those who matter to you), imbibing the right diet and lifestyle that is meant especially for you to enjoy the fruit of natural wellness for a lifetime.
This book is answer to your basic need to identify, understand and take care of your natural wellness lifelong.

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