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Top 4 Goals for Your eBook Cover

eBook Cover

eBook Cover

When it comes to eBook covers, you just cannot get away with them. And honestly, why would you want to anyway?

The cover design gives a take on what’s inside and brings your eBook to life for readers. These are two crucial things that can help your eBook sell on the market.

However, yet you will come across several eBook covers that don’t look right or attractive, let alone communicate anything about the story.

These errors prove costly as you will not be able to put across the important things your readers should know about your eBook. This means not everyone would be interested in buying it and seeing what’s on offer. But how can you prevent this?

First off, don’t design the cover on your own, especially if you have no experience. Instead, hire a professional for the job! The next thing you should do is ensure your eBook cover addresses the following four goals:


How can you possibly expect your eBook to sell if people aren’t able to figure out the genre? Obviously, nobody is going to consider buying it just to find out what the genre is. As a matter of fact, you could end up losing valuable sales due to this one small error. So, you need to be clear about the kind of eBook you have written. And this should be the first concern to put forward to your eBook cover designer.


This is particularly important for the fiction and literary fiction genre, as the whole effect of your eBook relies on your writing skills. With an eBook cover, you can give readers an idea of your voice in several clever ways. But this does take some hard work, and more importantly, time. Therefore, sit down with your designer and come up with some cover ideas that would perfectly communicate the tone of your eBook.


Let’s face it: the cover of your eBook plays a significant role in advertising and can prove a powerful sales tool. This is only possible, though, if your eBook cover designer Chicago can successfully evoke instant interest, curiosity, or fascination. If you can pull this off, you will certainly be able to accomplish your sales targets. However, if not, well, you just won’t be able to sell as good as you probably could have.

Market Position

This is a sum of the other goals we have listed above. When combined, they establish the exact percentage of the market you can see your eBook will be occupying once it’s launched amongst other eBooks of the same genre or which address the same topic. So, establishing a market position is also important and should be kept in mind!

If you manage to fulfill these four goals, you can rest assured your eBook will sell like hotcakes!

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