Use Guest Posts to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website


Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

According to a survey conducted by our team, 79.7% of Businesses are going online as they think it is the best way to earn revenue. And without the required traffic, a website has no use.

But in this competitive world, getting traffic to a website has become quite tricky. So simply focus on the keywords and the type of content you are using, as these are the most significant focus points.

How to Write Guest Posts to Drive Traffic?

Websites use many different kinds of content, but when you want to draw traffic from a similar site, Guest Posts will help you in many ways. On the other hand, most bloggers and SEO experts count Guest Posts as the least important type of content to generate traffic, but they don’t know how astonishing these posts will benefit a website.

Guest Post drives traffic to a website like nothing else does. You simply have to implement a simple set of strategies. If you are still not convinced how vital guest blogging is, then read on.

Main points you should keep in mind when creating a Guest Post:

Look for the Right Platform

Whenever you want to create a guest post, it becomes quite essential to get it posted on the right platform. Here, the platform means a similar website or the competitor’s website. Approach the right person of that brand and be convincing. Tell them why your blog should be published on their website. The best people to approach are editor, content manager, website owner, and submission form.

Know What You are Expecting From the Guest Post

Before writing a guest post, you have to set an actual goal. This will help you to create the best content and focus on marketing strategies. You can make it as creative as you want to as you can’t simply ask your audience to check out your website without convincing them. Share it with the contacting person and pitch them.

Pitching the Right Contact Person

If you are not willing to write a blog in the beginning, make sure to convince the relevant person about your writing by sharing some of your excellent writing samples with them. 3-5 different articles will probably persuade him.

And in case you are merely sharing your article with them, try to give some personalized introduction with that. It will help your potential publisher realize that you have done your research. In the guest blog, don’t forget to add the proper introduction, title, your company’s name, and a hyperlink.

Write For Your Website While Keeping the Target Site in Mind

The guest post should look convincing, and the best way to do so is by focusing on your language, tone, reading level, and keywords. Also, it should be relevant to the type of content on the targeted site, as no one wants to publish irrelevant material.

Choose the Topic While Focusing on the Target Audience

You are writing for the target audience, and if they are not convinced from the stain the beginning, then they will not come to your website. So try to create a Hooking topic for the guest blog. Understand the audience as per the blogs they are already reading.

A little bit of research on length, formatting, and niche will be quite useful for you. Check which topics have attracted most of the audience and then choose yours accordingly.

Focus on the Instructions and Details

Every guest blog follows some instructions for the word count and style. So focus on that and create content for 500-1000 words. Also, you can increase the word count, as longer content tends to get a better organic search because you can insert more keywords in it.

Start the blog as if you are telling your own experience

While creating the guest posts, use the first-person tone. It will help the audience to think that you are writing from your personal experience. Also, it will create excitement, and they would love to read further.

Don’t forget to add a Hyperlink to your website

To generate the traffic from the guest posts, you have to include 2-5 hyperlinks of your website to it. It will help you to build some backlinks, and your guest will be able to reach your site easily. However, don’t forget that these blogs are meant to provide benefits to your website are the target website, so you have to create a balance.

Check for the grammar and spellings

The readers will judge you according to your writing, so focus on the grammatical errors and spelling. Recheck the blog at the end and make the required changes.

Add images or visuals

Your guest post will look attractive if they have proper images. Make sure to add the relevant visuals that go perfectly with your blog.

Create Unique Data

If you are pitching the readers to visit your website, make sure to create unique data for them. Check its plagiarism as no reader want to read the copied content. Even if you are rewriting content, add some new data, original images, and numbers to it.

Track the traffic you have got from your Guest Posts

You should always track the traffic your website is getting from your guest post. It will help you to analyze how effectively it is working for you. And in case your website is not getting enough traffic, simply change your writing style or add some different hyperlinks to it. The right analytics or tracking tools will help you here.


If you follow these guides, then you will be able to make some genuine guest blogging strategies that will help to increase the traffic to your website

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