This is Me Coming Home


Coming home

Coming Home

You know how you suddenly feel a fog has lifted from your mind and you remember a longing that had stayed with you?

Like you have traveled for a long time but your memory of home keeps you company. You can’t sometimes remember what has kept you away from home. There is the thought, like Rip Van Winkle, that you might find things the way you left them. That is wishful thinking. Life is a fluid and mobile impelling motion.

You hope the pace of the movement is not frenetic as for you to lose your balance and fall off the great conveyor belt of life. You hang on with everything and you hope… hope that your place has not been filled up. Or that you are not so way down the ladder as to be unable to get back up there. Loyalty is one of the demands of Creation.

So I am here, don’t know for how long because I can’t really tell you. Homecoming? I sincerely hope that is what it is. Amongst friends who I learn from. The vibrations and movement of creativity are like a factory conveyor belt, each necessary bolt and nut in place.

Angie’s diary, my fairy godmother, who has nurtured my growth when I peeped into the internet trying to find the meaning of my name in the wide expanse of a virtual ocean. I am home again. I have a reason for being away and those reasons will probably take me out once in a while, but not so completely again. I found that creativity can expand and that it is limitless. That awes me and keeps me silent.

Forty years ago I started writing in longhand and wondered where that will take me. I am still awed as my literary horizon has been widened and glowed through by experiences, that have made me addicted to writing.

I wish to express my gratitude to this site for all I have been able to glean. I thank Angie specifically too. Life is like those steps we take, one foot after the other always learning.
Promises made are meant to be kept. I will always come over to Angie’s. In my language and culture, we say home is where the heart is, and add, east north, south or west home is always the best.

I am re-engaging myself.
This is me coming home.

  1. Avatar of Angelica Pastorelli
    Angelica Pastorelli says

    Welcome home, dear Biola!
    So good to see you found your way back.

  2. Avatar of Wanda Joyce White
    Wanda Joyce White says

    It is true creativity comes in spurts. Sometimes I am busy for a few days then I rest and just think. We all welcome you back Biola. Don’t forget the more you write, the more you will want to write.

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