13 Crucial Article Writing Tips


Article Writing Tips

Article Writing Tips

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.”
~ Ernest Hemingway

Reading and Writing

Many aspects of our daily lives require reading and writing. As a result, there is an ever-increasing demand for writing skills. As easy as it might look, article writing is an acquired skill. Some might even consider it an art form, and it’s not for everybody to take part in this vocation. An outstanding article requires two components: an excellent technique and great content to engage your audience.

In the present blogosphere, writers of many online articles online seem to be oblivious of once existing quality metrics. However, to stand out from the mainstream crowd is another matter. Most pieces will not take a blogger to the next stage of recognition, let alone create a lasting impression on their readers or make vast amounts of money for their writings.

For those of you that aspire to become an outstanding writer and drastically improve your writing skills, we created the guidelines below. Not only should you follow these suggestions, but try to turn them into a habit and boost your editorial writing and online authority as a result.

“The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.”
~ Robert Benchley


An essential objective of article writing (guest-blogging, copywriting) is to share your knowledge on a particular subject. Your readers will appreciate your expertise and the information provided in the article. As a result, they are likely to want to know more about you and start following your publications, while implementing these article writing tips.

Writers frequently have secondary objectives like advertising or commercial linking. Guest-bloggers may have different motivations, while social marketers perceive online articles as the key to their success.


Most contemporary writers have a personal website. A reader who becomes interested in your writing may search for a link to your site. Your guest posts at Angie’s will feature your detailed bio, providing access to your website and social media channels. The better your article, the more external sites can reference and share your articles. Check out these Dos and Don’ts.


Links to your website and social media pages, help promote it on different search engines. As a result, the more your article gets “read and spread” on the Web, the better your site’s ranking will be.

How to Make Your Articles Stand Out?

Article Title

The first critical item and the primary entity readers and search engines index is the article title. Make your piece stand out among numerous others by having a clear and convincing title. If nothing else, it should entice the visitor to keep reading. You should use relevant keywords but don’t ‘stuff’ meaningless keywords in the title for the sole purpose of ranking better. For example, an article about travel with the title “traveling” has no meaning for the reader, who will move on and look for the next item on the subject.

Article Description

The article description is the second most crucial ingredient in reeling in the reader. The description, or summary, tells the reader what to expect from it. For this reason, it should be well-written and convincing.

Article Content

The content of the article is the core element of the whole process. Therefore, the material itself is an excellent opportunity to place relevant keywords to improve the search engine indexing of the piece. It is also the opportunity to place links to information resources (to improve credibility) or to related pages on your site.

Quality and Originality

Nothing can replace quality content. Article writing serves to establish your authorship, and your reader must feel he is reading rich and professional content.

When an author submits an article at Angie’s, our first test is to perform a plagiarism scan with Grammarly. This way, we make sure to publish only original content that cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet. Another free online checker is here. We recommend you have your articles proofread and grammar- and spelling checked before you post them. Doing so as a rule will undoubtedly enhance your credibility.

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
~ Anton Chekhov

Become an Avid Reader

Perhaps one of the most instrumental pieces of advice is to be an eager reader and a rational observer with a disciplined approach. Reading diligently and daily will create a broad frame of reference based on which you will be able to write quality pieces about your topics of expertise.

Regular reading will expose you to more than just proper spelling and grammar. It puts you in contact with styles and sentence structures that will resonate with your prospective audience.

Stages of Completing an Article

Every blogger is aware that writing is a time-consuming activity as they go through the stages of completing their work. The first consideration is the research of the main topic. Then there is the accumulation of facts and related issues, followed by the obvious, the actual structuring of paragraphs, creating the sentences, and finally editing and proofreading the piece at hand.

Practice Makes Perfect

Writing is a skill that requires ample training. It may sound like redundant advice, but if you want to be an above-average or even outstanding blogger, you should make a habit of writing regularly. Try to make yourself available for this endeavor and plan your daily schedules accordingly. Read on and check out more article writing tips below.

Keep a Notebook

Write down awe-inspiring sentences and ideas that may serve your piece and will make your readers increasingly interested in your writings. The more you write, the more you develop your writing style and become more comfortable with expressing yourself.

“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.”
~ Elmore Leonard

Write with Passion

If you are a blogger, your motivation is probably a passion for a specific topic. Enticing your readers is easier when you write from the heart. Let this passion lead you in your writing. Hopefully, these article writing tips will help you write more naturally and candidly.

Keep it Short and Don’t Bore your Reader

Structure your paragraphs in short, visually appealing, headings, sub-headings, and text blocks that are inviting to a reader. Where possible, try to avoid overly wordy sentences. Break up your text and dare to put in a period after a sentence, in the confidence that you made your point. Short, in this context, should be seen as definite and precise – mean and lean. Don’t show off your literary qualities while losing your reader’s interest in the subject matter.

“The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”
~ Stephen King

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