Art and Writing: Expectations Of Both


Art and Writing

Art and Writing

I am an artist – I am a writer.
There are many mediums I use to create a piece of art; oils, pastels, chalk, graphite pencils, and watercolors just to name a few.

There are many different genres of romance I write in; contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, erotic, and many other genres.
Every day I strive to be better at both. It’s difficult. Every stroke of the paintbrush, every typed word is flawed to me. I don’t consider myself a perfectionist, but I see places in both which prevent a particular piece from meeting my expectations.

In a way, my creations are in a continuing state of evolution as I grow and become more fluent in these crafts.

Which do I prefer? I love writing. I love art. But, as you noticed, writing comes first.

When I write, I try to paint a picture on a sheet of paper. It should have all the characteristics I hope to gain in a landscape or portrait. I desire the reader of my works to exist in the place I’ve created.

Each breath my characters take must have a tinge of smell, sometimes a reminder of something from their past. They eat a cupcake and I want the reader to taste the delicious sweetness along with the delicate flavor of strawberries.

My hero gazing into my heroine’s eyes, realizing how much he loves her has to be felt by the readers. I don’t want just the impression; I want them to feel it the same way my hero does.

My art is similar, but I fear I fall far short of accomplishing sensory reactions. It’s more difficult to capture my desires on the canvas than it is on the sheet of paper. Why? Because in this area of my creativity, I want the picture to be true to life and if it’s not, I become disappointed. This doesn’t mean I give up, just that I approach the picture in a different manner than the last time.

It’s taken me many years and many rewrites and redone artwork to finally come to accept that my art and my writing grow with practice and knowledge. Notice I didn’t say become better. No, not better but more skilled. Increasing the knowledge I have of a particular field of study benefits me so when I do put brush to canvas or words on paper, I feel more confident that what I hope to accomplish will be seen by everyone. I write a lot, I read, I critique, I read, and I write a lot. My artwork is similar.

I make the time to do both. As an artist in both areas, I have to make the time. My soul wouldn’t allow me not to create something, anything.

Does your soul need you to grow and become the best at what you love to do? Let me know.

  1. Avatar of Luigi Catinella
    Luigi Catinella says

    So beautiful sharing! Thank you very much.

  2. Avatar of Joan Candy
    Joan Candy says

    I envy your talent. You are so good in so many art forms!

  3. Avatar of Judith Leger
    Judith Leger says

    Thank you, Luigi and Joan. It takes practice and perseverance.

  4. Avatar of Paula Shene
    Paula Shene says

    I was drawn to your article through a mirror though I see my picture much differently. I have found that the age {not necessarily my own} dictates the drive and the moment the medium’s expression.

    May you reap great joy in your journey down the path of different views on your right and left. Take comfort in your growth as your drive continues to hone your abilities and bring you peace in knowing others will appreciate your labor of love(s).

  5. Avatar of Wanda Joyce White
    Wanda Joyce White says

    We all appreciate the fact that you are a natural artist whose hands wield magic. Write, paint, or cook something. These are ways to use your innate abilities. I am 73 and i still have that drive to try something new. I’m a wire artist and I make rings. I’ve made dozens of rings. Each unique. One-of-a-kind. When I’m working I always whisper to the angels around me to help me in my quest for perfection and beauty.

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