A Wonderful Year on Angie’s Diary


A Wonderful Year

Angie – as we come to the end of another wonderful year I know I am speaking for others when I say we think of you in so many ways.  Did you know your name comes up when we talk online, take a walk and something pops into our minds to write, and the idea is quickly written and shared with others? 

Your magazine is music to the ears of many, or branches reaching out to all of us with your imagination, skill, and a giant heart for authors, writers, and readers.

A Wonderful Year on Angie's Diary

I glance back at this year and think of all the new things you have given to those who follow your magazine, from a newsletter to Book of the Week, Florins, added categories for writers, not to forget all of the past work, and your dedication to us, those who simply find your magazine a rare commodity, characteristic in its’ own right.

Angie’s Diary is enlightening as any literary magazine, with hard work, Angie and her partner Bart, have brought us new and old writers – they keep up with the times, and bring you a gift throughout the year.

This year I was thrilled to be part of our ongoing Radio Connection – which has taken a break but will begin, once more, in the New Year, “Beyond Question.”

Everyone who has been featured as a V.I.P. of the month will be speaking with me and Alexandria Altman – as we start, for the third year, a new series of authors, and interesting people to entertain you, and educate you.  I thank you for sharing all of your writers and authors.

When the day arrived about “Florins,” I was curious, and knowing Angie and Bart for over two years, I had to ask what she was doing – this is when she announced the new creation based on the money “Florins” from the Netherlands.  I began to promote her new adventure, unknowing to me I had been on the top of the list, and I am so proud to be the first to reach the top – as we will be working together, and begin to link up with publishers.

Promoting Angie’s Diary is easy, especially when you are a writer and enjoy sharing your work and work from others.  It is a community of people, which continues to grow and as the tree – the branches of her tree continue to sprout – with new people and new ideas.

Angie is a prime example of someone who thinks of a new way of attracting good people, reviews her thought, works hard to make it another stepping stone, and has another page in her diary.  She continues to jump on the bandwagon, a wonder woman – a tireless worker and a striking example of a professional who pushes forward – tomorrow is another day.

When I think of submitting to Angie’s Diary I try to reach out and touch many people on different subjects.  As a lover of history, politics, memoir, and almost anything life bring my way – I find words to bring it forward, to the reader, in my own voice – as if I were standing in front of you, reading my work, ideas, or manuscript or screenplay to an audience.  I love to think of those who follow Angie as a friend.

One thing – in 2013 I am asking – in a polite sort of way, LOL – is for you the reader, writer, etc., to take a moment and comment on the many posts.  Pretend you are at your computer, reading the local paper, and something strikes your fancy – so you have to say something about the article, story, etc., and your hands reach out to the keyboard and you open up your heart to those who did before you, and a conversation begins.

Pretend, you are writing the comment to an editorial, and get to know those who contribute to Angie’s Diary.

This is a wonderful season for advocating for many things – and one thing I continue to say is to join those of us here in 2013 – become a link to others, become aware of new people who love the same thing you do – take the step.

The Holidays and New Year came quickly, and time goes to family, friends, neighbors, although I must say – the connections I have made through Angie’s Diary have brought many new friends, those I may never see face to face but learn about them through their words.  I only hope all of you are enjoying the season, have no anxieties, and everything you have written on a special list becomes a reality in the coming year.

I have some wonderful plans for the upcoming year – and love sharing them with you through words.  I have taken it upon my own belief – to share with you an amazing woman who is loyal to her contributors, and handles all the responsibilities for an outstanding publication.

So I say to everyone, as I tell Angie – Have a wonderful New Year – enjoy the holidays, and keep the fire burning – as winter has slid silently into our world – another season of kindness and gentleness brings out the greatness in people.

A friend – supporter – one who has crossed many bridges and shared both truth and fantasy – articles and prose – beginnings and endings.  This will be a fabulous New Year with many plans in the mix – I hope each and every one of you have wings of a Dragonfly and love deep inside, like Cashmere.

Sincerely, Nancy

  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Yes, Nancy, the Diary has had a wonderful and productive and innovative year, and we all heartily thank Angie and her masterful team.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    For sure Andrew, we are blessed to have Angie and Bart. Have a wonderful Holiday Season, Sincerely, Nancy

  3. Avatar of Robert Politz
    Robert Politz says

    My, how well written and supportive Nancy: Kudos to you for taking the time to publicly give credit to Angie, Bart and Angie’s Diary.

    I see the new year as a time of change, some things subtle, others a “hit you in the face” major event but, as Robert Frost once said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life; it goes on.”

    I am hopeful that 2013 and beyond brings all the best into everyone’s life. (That’s my optimism showing and I won’t speak to any pessimism here. We’ll leave that subject to the politicians.)

  4. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    LOL – I know you are a lover of politics, I can tell. Thanks for the words to back up what I wrote concerning Angie and Angie’s Diary. I must admit this wonderful person has gone far and beyond to make it possible for others to be part of her world. So, I hope you, and everyone has a New Year filled with surprises, success, and even more, good health. It is a pleasure having you here on Angie’s to converse with. Sincerely, Nancy

  5. Avatar of Robert Politz
    Robert Politz says

    “A lover of politics….” Nancy, you have no idea just how close I was to becoming a politician…. starting in Saratoga county. Whew! That was a close one until I realized the direction in which politics was heading.

    Thank you for the kind words and let us all start off and continue this year with optimism and success.

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