A Reputation Isn’t Built in One Day


When authors learn the craft of brand building they must be conscientious in avoiding career-defeating behaviors that will undo their hard work.

A Reputation Isn’t Built in One Day
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The Internet is a fantastic place to network with authors and build fan readership but it can also inundated writers with negativity and entrancing websites that shatter writing regimens.

It’s important to remember writing is a business that requires professionalism.

Aspiring and new authors need to foster decent habits that display their integrity, talent, respect, and dedication.

Implementing the following actions will show literary agents, publishers and industry insiders that you take your work serious and want to forge successful working relationships:

  • Respond to email and telephone messages in a timely manner
  • Voicemail recordings are free from any caller tunes or background noise
  • All written correspondence is free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Punctuality for all appointments
  • Refrain from industry gossip and honor confidences
  • Adhere to submission guidelines when submitting your work
  • Think before you speak, email or write
  • Recognize people that help improve your craft
  • Admit shortcomings and take responsibility for mistakes and errors
  • Honor deadlines and commitments
  • Be proactive in the advancement of one’s career
  • Develop the skill to accept and implement constructive criticism and advice

Facebook and Twitter are wonderful interconnected ‘social networks’ but don’t let that lull you into a revealing too much personal and irrelevant information. Writing is a profession so act like a professional and use those sites to promote, market and share information about your work. The fans will appreciate the added resource, and you’ll discover an increase in their ‘tweets’ and ‘wall posts’.

How people feel about you –from editors, agents, peers and fans– directly correlates to career opportunities and reader loyalty so pride yourself in developing your professionalism. Continue to put your best foot forward and keep your career goals in mind with each interaction.

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