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Craig Murray has a knack with the English language that can take the reader down many a moving journey. Sometimes his poems are hauntingly beautiful, and at other moments compellingly profound. Yet they all have one common denominator -they make the reader think.

Oft times they challenge the readers view of reality and sometimes his poetry expands a common view. Murray’s work is a gift and should be treasured as such.
─ P. S. Gifford

Craig Murray has a way with his expressions. I love the way he seems to feel what sets a soul free to wonder and breathe! I enjoyed this book and will enjoy his next just as much!
─ Peggy Grigowski

Craig Murray caresses you with his words, his verbal performances are as rich and fine as the smoothest Scotch whiskey.
His written words evoke joy, sadness, hope, remorse, a deep longing for the ache to be filled. Sensual, erotic, yet romantic and real. He writes from the heart, and the experiences he shares are universal and yet oh so personal.

Everyone will find their own heartfelt emotion reflected in these fine works, ethereal yet 100% genuine.
Nostalgic and evocative, words uttered by another of Scotland’s finest (The Iconic James Bond aka Sean Connery) Craig’s works should leave you ‘Shaken and Stirred.’
─ Anne Ford

excerpt-300x50Edition #50 – September 29, 2013


By Craig Murray

Shades of Sand
What was I before I ask the void, the shades of sand, The cracked amphora that held the royal crimson of lost days.
I had no limbs, a tree bereft was I,
Joshua at the edge of forever,
Skin pressed tight into dried rivers of bark.
I was blind to all the hues that painted memory,
That coloured the cheeks of childhood
and smelled of early summer grass,
Verdant soft.
Almost deaf, ears heard rumbles and groans,
the discordancy of one,
The symphonic cacophony of shattered glass and sliding tears,
This I was before.
Before what asked my heart, its voice supple, gentle. Before what asked my soul, Childlike, waiting in wonder.
Before I say, listen to my words, before, before.
For now I hear the laughter of stars and see
the dancing of the waves,
Now my arms embrace love and feel a gentleness eternal
And I soar with symphonies as yet undreamt of,
But that is now I say.
What was I before, I was less, I was little, before I loved.

Collecting Stars
I shall collect the stars
Wind strewn and scattered
In the coils of her hair
I will gather unto me
The brilliant faceted diamonds
That twinkle in her eyes
I shall wrap up and hold
The deepest silver sheen
Of her summer dampened skin
And even with these things
I could still not weave a tapestry
To match the beauty of her soul

And So
And so I love, and there amongst
These blooms I know will fade
Contentment flowers majestically.
Am I such a fool to gather these
Tiny buds, whisper to them secrets
And tell them of their immortality
Better I gazed with jaundiced eye
Secure in knowing grey follows dawn
And all things fall like autumn leaves
But to love wildly majestically to know
And to ignore the knowledge happily
Loving first worrying second hoping most

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Craig Murray lives in Canada, where his time is divided between writing fiction, prose and poetry, and working with several volunteer organizations. He is a former Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves as well as the Architectural Designer for a conservation authority.
He received a Pushcart nomination in 2004, a Best of the Net nomination in 2006 and his poetry and short fiction have been published in a number of print and online journals.

Craig has written four novels and is working on his fifth.

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