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THE OTHER C-WORD Angie’s Book of the Week #49 – September 22, 2013

This was an amazingly refreshing read. So light and comedic that it was impossible to put down. But not so light that it had no meat to the story. Marley has such a different back story. She is not your typical beauty queen – which was very fun to read. A girl that would rather wear boots then heals, is my kind of girl. It was a fast fun read with more then enough passion, laughter and sexy bantering to keep a girl coming back for more and more.
─ The Jeep Diva


See, I love finding books like this that no one seems to know about, they just come out of no where and they’re absolutely amazing.
Bravo M.K. Schiller! This book made me laugh so freaking hard I had to drop my E-Reader for a moment to roll on the floor, made me swoon too many times to count and made me bawl my eyes out for Marley. The Other C-Word is a story about a woman who overcomes her fear of commitment. The witty banter between Marley and her sisters -Stevie and Billie- was freaking hilarious, the character development and dialogue was excellent.
There is a HEA and an epilogue. Please read this, it pretty much has everything; Love, heartbreak, humor, sadness AND it had an amazing playlist. It was perfect and you won’t be able to put it down, I promise 🙂
─ Mariam H. (Goodreads)

Edition #49 – September 22, 2013


By MK Schiller

“Well, he’s here. I have to go,” I announced, getting up. Rick clasped my arm.
“Marley, he’s not wearing a helmet,” Rick said.
“That’s fine if he’s not going to wear a helmet, but does he have one for you?” The question surprised me, and my mouth went dry. I couldn’t find the answer. ‘None of your business’ seemed cruel, when he looked so concerned. At the same time, I just wanted to leave.
“Nope, he doesn’t believe in them,” Dillon answered for me. I suddenly wanted to snatch the perfect brown curls right out of Dillon’s head.
“Tell him to come in here,” Rick commanded with a slow, ominous voice that almost scared me.
“Why?” I demanded, pulling my arm out of his grasp.
“Because I want to meet him, and that’s the appropriate way to pick up a lady when you’re taking her out on a date.”
God help me! I almost said ‘I’m not a lady’, but luckily, some inner sense of self-control stopped me from uttering that embarrassing statement. Instead, I said, “It’s not a date.” That wasn’t much better.
“Whatever it is, I want to meet him,” Rick insisted.
“It’s not a prerequisite of our working relationship that you need to meet him,” I retorted.
“That’s true,” he said nonchalantly. I grabbed my purse, attempting to make a hasty exit. “Call me when the police pick you up. I’ll be giving you a ride sooner than I thought.”
I halted in my tracks. “What are you talking about?” I demanded.
“It’s illegal to ride without a helmet. It’s my duty as a citizen to report you. They’ll probably confiscate his bike, and you’ll need a ride.”
I laughed, but it came out like a hysterical shriek. Rick’s face remained impassive, except for the vein that throbbed on his neck. Dillon looked like he was ready to high-five Rick, infuriating me further. Dillon was my best friend, why was he on Rick’s side?
“You… You can’t do that,” I stammered.
“Then ask him inside.” Rick and I stared at each other in an awkward standoff for several minutes. His face was completely serious—hard, unyielding and commanding. I tried to mimic his expression, but I knew I was failing miserably.
I finally brought my face close to his and whispered in a low voice so only he could hear, “He doesn’t want to come inside. He’s waiting for me out there because he’s going to take me to his place and fuck the hell out of me for the next twenty-five minutes and bring me right back here, so you can just back out of my business right now.”
I pulled away, expecting shock, disgust—even dismissal—but instead Rick gave a tight smile. It wasn’t a happy one. It was as if he was holding back his anger. The throbbing vein in his neck became more prominent. “He only lasts twenty-five minutes? You don’t have very high standards, Marley.”

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MK Schiller is a hopeless romantic in a hopelessly pragmatic world. She has a full time job and two busy teenagers, but by night, she sits by the warm glow of her computer monitor, and attempts to conjure up passionate heartwarming stories with plenty of humour. 

She’s always been a reader and she loves all genres, but there is something magical about romance. It has fascinated MK since she stole/borrowed her mother’s Harlequins at a young age. According to MK, these stories provide all the elements of a good read – strong characters, heart-wrenching moments, swoon-worthy situations, and complete satisfaction. There is no other genre where you basically understand the premise and ending before you even start reading, yet you still want to know the story. That’s because just like in life, the love story is all about the process, not the product. 

MK started imagining stories in her head at a very young age. In fact, she got so good at it that her best friend asked her to make up stories featuring her as the heroine and the boy she currently liked as the hero. They’d spend hours on the phone while she came up with some pretty outlandish stuff about how a series of unrealistic, but tender events led the objects of her desire finally professing his love. You’ve heard of fan fiction… this was friend fiction. 

The book is being well-received, and as a result MK is in the process of creating novels for the other characters as well. So stay tuned for more of Marley and her quirky family!

MK has a new novella, Lucky Fall, coming out in February 2014 in the Total-E-Bound, Paramour collection. 

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