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Tony Thorne MBE´s current editor has selected the best thirty tales from the three collections of his speculative stories set in, around, and even under that magical Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife. The first, award winning volume was published in the USA by Whortleberry Press and in Europe by Etcetera Press.

The first volume in the TENERIFE TALL TALES trilogy, won a New York `Best Read on the Beach´ Festival Contest in the Speculative Fiction category. Here is a typical review, and there are many others to be seen on the author’s website:

“An exotic island, one of the Canary Islands, Tenerife certainly seems like an appropriate place for adventure. And when a scientific design engineer with a taste for Science Fiction decides to set his speculative tall tales there amazing adventures do, indeed, ensue.

Set, for the most part, in the near future, the tales use very believable twists on emergent technology, sometimes ours and sometimes possibly from some other place entirely.

What Thorne creates in Tenerife is a world where the reader never knows what to expect under the sea, in caves, on the land and in the air.

The island becomes, in various tales, a land where animals act as intelligently as humans, where attempts to handle environmental issues have very unexpected results, where exotic locations and experimental science create sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, and always amazing and utterly intriguing results.

Tony Thorne’s grasp of the science that looms just over the horizon and his love for the genre come together, in these stories, to create speculative fiction of the very best kind.”
 Rhetta Akamatsu
Reviewer, USA.

excerpt-300x50Edition #78 – September 7, 2014


By Tony Thorne MBE

The young English boy dismounted from his large Spanish friend’s broad back, and grasped the top of a chair for balance. He introduced himself, “I’m Neville Carter doctor, and I’ve had an accident.”

“So you’re English, and this large friend of yours brought you here? Carried you on his back all the way eh?”
“No doctor, on his push-cart. That nice lady on the desk let us in because I suppose she thought it was urgent.”
Doctor Carlo Ramirez glanced down at the boy’s leg. What he saw, gave him a shock and caused his eyebrows to rise alarmingly. “From the way that piece of bone is sticking out of your leg sonny, I can see it’s urgent.” He turned to the larger boy, “Put him down on that paper covered couch, and never mind his dirty shoes. Now tell me, how did it happen?”
The big lad stretched the smaller boy out on the couch, saying nothing, but the young lad spoke up brightly, “It was my bicycle on a muddy patch in the road that caused it. My front wheel skidded sideways and I fell off,” he explained, apologetically. “I did what I could to mend it, but I had to get Juan to bring me to you. I couldn’t come by myself. I’m not strong enough.”
The doctor gave the patient a quizzical look, but decided he hadn’t heard him properly.
After a while, he finished the examination, and then sat down on the side of the couch with a puzzled look on his face. “There seems to be a complication. Normally I would set that broken bone right away, but the lower part to which it belongs, inside your leg, seems to be partly covered with what appears to be new skin. I’ve never seen anything like that before. It’ll be in the way if I try to set the two ends together here. I must call for an ambulance.”
“I think if you cut that skin away first, you’ll be able to fix it,” the boy protested.
“Now look sonny, I can’t do that here…safely!” the doctor replied testily. “We’ll have to get you over to the hospital. You’ll need some X-rays before and after the operation.”
The young boy’s face fell. “Please doctor, I’m in enough trouble at home already for damaging my bicycle. Please, just put that bone back in place now…I can do the rest.’
The doctor couldn’t take in what he was heard. “What do you mean, you’ll do the rest? How could you possibly do anything?”
“Well, once the ends of the bones are back in place, I’ll work on mending the break and then if you can hold the edges of the skin back together, I’ll get them to seal up properly.” The boy grinned and gave the doctor a knowing smile.
“What are you talking about sonny? How on earth could you possibly do that?”
The boy smiled again. “I do it often, I’m always cutting myself or knocking bits off. I often have to look at myself all over, with a mirror, to see what needs mending. My mother is always telling me to be more careful.”
The doctor began to feel a little faint. “Now look son, don’t try any of your English jokes with me. Are you trying to tell me that you can heal yourself?”

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Tony Thorne MBE is an Englishman, born and technically educated in London, England, as a Chartered Design Engineer.

He lives in Austria in summer and the Canary Island of Tenerife in winter. Earlier in life he, wrote science-fiction and humorous stories, was an active SF Fan, and a spare time lecturer for the British Interplanetary Society.

For developments in the field of low temperature (cryo)surgery instruments, and very high temperature processing furnaces for carbon fibre, the Queen awarded him an MBE.

After many subsequent business adventures, including the development of AI computer software for business applications, he is now an author of quirky speculative fiction; mostly tall Science Fiction and Macabre tales, with over 100 short stories published in many magazines, various collections, and many anthologies including eight from Whortleberry Press.

His first novel, Points of View, was published in 2012 by Eternal Press, Santa Rosa, CA, and its first sequel, Points of View: The Weapons, was published in 2013.

Find Tony on:
Facebook – Website – Angie’s Diary

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