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peter-ciminoI took a quick look at your magazine…it looks so awesome!  Thanks again! And I am for sure very excited to join up with you!

Peter Cimino

CarylI am so blessed to be a part of Angie’s Diary. Every time I come back I find something new to enjoy! There’s so much to peruse!

Thank you, Angelica, for a great e’zine for writers and readers and EVERYONE!

Caryl McAdoo

Biola Olatunde

Oh Angie, I just feel full with gratitude. I want to thank you and just keep saying thank you. You have touched me, my life and writing in ways I can never truly express. I am prayerful that one day I shall have the joy of being able to donate something. Thanks truly.

Biola Olatunde

mrjAngie’s Diary has its finger on the pulse of writing.


Darah-ZeledonYour site is so dynamic and eclectic. Love it.

Darah Zeledon

sonicaYou have a really nice website! Can I mail you my poetry ( which has yet to find suitable platform for publication)..?

Dr Sonica Krishan

gianlucaThis e-magazine is the best  – jam packed with amazing stories, author interviews, book reviews, writing advice, contests, and so much more. You will not find anything like it on the Internet today!



Gianluca De Sanctis

Jennifer PerryAngie, I just had to tell you that I am delighted and impressed with Angie’s Diary – the variety of interesting books and authors you present is like going into a candy shop for readers!

Jennifer Perry

Dan NewlandI’ve seen your online mag and love it! Haven’t gotten around to sending anything worthy along yet, but I will.
Warmest wishes,

Dan Newland

Craig-MurrayA voice that stands out in the crowd.
From its humble start as a personal blog, to an internationally read and participated in home for writers, Angie’s Diary gives home to voices that might not otherwise ever be head.
It is a labour of love, and it only could be.  Her love for the written word, for knowledge, for sharing and growth have created a site enjoyed around the world.

I heartily recommend Angie’s Diary to everyone I know.

Craig Murray

Branka CubriloAngie’s Diary, created by Angelica Pastorelli, stands for the biggest, the most versatile, and probably the best online literary publication. I support that statement with words as I did support it over past several years with my short stories, poems, essays, and articles. I give credit to Angie for creating such a great website where writers can meet and interact with each other, and with the wider audience.

Branka Cubrilo

maya-kavitaI see you are having much success and I congratulate you on your persistence, and the quality of your site.

Maya Kavita

Cortney SkinnerI took a tour through your very interesting magazine, reading your “More about Angie” column including the small print bit asking the reader to “Please take this narrative with a grain of salt.”

Cortney Skinner

carole-parkerThanks so much for posting my story on your blog. I’m honored and flattered. (And I loved the graphics, BTW … ) I look forward to reading more on your site, please keep in touch. I’m so glad we connected.

Carole Parker

cynthia millerAngelica gets the job done. She has published a few of my short stories and each time has put a special touch to them. I recommend Angie and her magazine to all up and coming writers!

Cynthia Miller

Myles SmithI am honored and excited to be to write for your Diary! Thank you.

Myles Smith

Adelle LaudanI look forward to future interaction with you and your Magazine.
Wishing you Miles of Smiles,

Adelle Laudan

david-helmsI would like to publish my winning short story, after I polish it up, of course. Your Magazine rocks! I am very honored to be part of it.

David Helms

Georgina SparksYour online magazine and community is really great! I think we can cooperate well.
Best Regards,

Georgina Sparks

Dr. Subhendu KarI’m happy to have you as a unique literary friend, I really admire and adore yet honor the way you work for literature for humanity to resonate in its sway, and I would interact further wither with you in this regard soon.
With regards,

Dr. Subhendu Kar

poojaI look forward to a bright association between us ahead. 🙂

Pooja L

Magdaline KarauI love your website, and am going to participate much more on it from now on!

Magdaline Karau

BiolaOlatunde-profileI got a clearer sense of what I would be missing when I once tried to log in to ‘fix’ Angie’s Diary and could not. I came out in sweat and my worry became a real fear. A thousand questions ran through my mind. What if I am blocked out altogether? My hands shook. Happily the scare was resolved. Angie’s diary, where I get to learn, meet writers and discover how very little I still know. Angie’s diary where my stars let their hair down and I can read whatever subject on whatever I need to know. It is one ezine that other ezine need to beat.

Biola Olatunde

Andrew SacksAngie manages Angie’s Diary as she does everything: professionally and outstandingly. Her wonderful online journal has given many the opportunity to publish and gain deserved visibility. I cannot recommend her or The Diary too highly. I am just one of many to have profited greatly from my relationship with this very fine and capable lady.

Andrew Sacks

Melissa RidenourI have looked at your magazine and I’m very impressed. Very professional looking and covers a broad range of subjects. You have a right to be proud!

Melissa Ridenour

katja-jsI have just spent some time on Angie’s Diary and like it very much!
I will contribute with great pleasure.

Katia J S

Sophie-Anne-Newton-RogersI have checked out your website. It’s a brilliant concept, and I will certainly be setting up an account.
If there’s ever anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Best wishes

Sophie-Anne Rogers

devon marshallI would love to post a piece at your online magazine, it looks pretty terrific!
All the best,

Devon Marshall

Claude MangoldWow, it’s really great! I just added your mag to my faves, and will check regularly.
Why no film column?

Claude Mangold

Lindsay TownsendThank you so much for accepting my story. I love the photo you have given, it!
I will certainly be sending you more work.
Warmest wishes.

Lindsay Townsend

Patricia E. GittAngelica has created a platform for authors and readers on which she presents an easy to navigate online magazine showcasing the new and best in authorship. Her integrity and personal attention to her authors should be a model for the bricks and mortar world.

Patricia E. Gitt

eva-blaskovicInternationally read Angie’s Diary covers the widest range of topics I have seen in an online magazine, from current event articles to all forms of creative writing, fiction, and book reviews. Angie and Bart are the epitome of professionalism but operate with a warmth and kindness few could duplicate. I was directed at Angie’s Diary by an author friend in early 2012 and signed up, an act that changed my life.
I highly recommend Angie’s Diary.

Thank you, Angie, for all that you do.

Eva Blaskovic

Peggy Sue YarberI am very interested in contributing.
Your website is fabulous!

Peggy Sue Yarber

Barbara Garro 500x565 Barbara GarroYou are so elegantly gracious, Angie. I am crying in response to your generosity, and I am grateful for all the support you give writers.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Barbara Garro

nancy-denofioAngie, your E–Zine on the WEB for writers and readers is outstanding! You can’t help but fall in love with your expertise. I am encouraging everyone to join the rest of us. Thanks, Angie, for giving writers such a wonderful opportunity.

Nancy Duci Denofio

Michael CogdillAngie, bravo on such a passionate devotion to the written word and its power to reach our deepest humanity!
The very warmest peace,

Michael Cogdill

joyce-white-testimonialsI love love, love the big pictures you put on my articles. I also enjoy your titles. I’m not too good at that. I guess what I like most of all is that you make me look better than I am. Bless you for keeping me published. Love and Appreciate You.

Joyce White

Kylie-WelshHave just been checking out your site – fantastic – what a super site, with such an interesting array of subjects.



Kylie Welsh