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Patricia’s new corporate crime novel TBD –to be determined- features blackmail, embezzlement and a younger woman reporting to a paranoid female boss.

With her boss away on vacation Katherine Cunningham becomes part of a small group of insiders bent on tracking down the blackmailer, restoring the Foundation’s funds, and clearing the good name of the wronged executive.

Would involvement in solving this mystery get her fired or free her to rebuild her life? Her future is yet to be determined.

One woman comes to the aid of a corporation in crisis…

The author has a gift for drawing the reader into the world of personalities, relationships and secrets in her latest corporate crime novel TBD –to be determined-.

Replete with blackmail, embezzlement and a younger woman reporting to an older paranoid female boss, I couldn’t wait to follow Katherine Cunningham as she negotiated a fork in the road of her career and stalled private life.

I personally related to her dilemma that in choosing to help her CEO resolve a corporate crisis she would be gambling with her job, miserable as it was.

You won’t stop turning pages to find out how her gamble plays out.
Mary Karpin

TBD is a wonderful book. It is well crafted and it is easy to read. The author does a great job combining corporate intrigue and suspense, and is a primer for anyone who wants to know how PR really works. With interesting and well developed characters, along with crisp images, Pat Gitt brings it all together in this fine novel-and hits it out of the park. A recommended read for all.
Robert Starosciak

Interesting read. Women of different backgrounds making very different choices in business and personal relationships.

Shows we are not a monolithic demographic, for sure. Keep on writing, Ms. Gitt!

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excerpt-300x50Edition #86 June 12, 2016

to be determined

By Patricia Gitt

“Sally, give me a minute to calm down. I’m going to need a drink before I begin my tale of woe.”
When Michael set down their drinks, Katherine nodded him her thanks, watching as he turned back towards the bar. Practically inhaling her first sip, Katherine looked across the table to her friend, her spine now stiffened by vodka. “I am either going to finally get away from the Bitch or, the Bitch will push me over the proverbial cliff.”

“Isn’t she on vacation somewhere warm? How can she fire you long distance?”

Sally had been her friend since her graduate days at Columbia. While Sally was in the law school, Katherine was in the school of journalism. Thinking back to end of exams, any exam, Katherine remembered joining Sally at her dorm room and together they’d mix up a batch of drinks. Relieved that another round of tests were over they’d indulge in their favorite topic – men. What they wanted in a date. Who would marry first and other dreams of young women yet to make their mark on the world? Their bond of friendship had survived the ups and downs in each of their lives. Katherine knew that whatever she told Sally would go no further. But this wasn’t the usual office gossip. It was her career.

“Sally, this is top secret. Swear not to breathe even a hint of what I’m going to tell you?”

“Sure. But, if you can’t divulge certain details, my legal advice, as your personal attorney, is not to. Just tell me what’s got you in Sandra’s killing zone.”

“I was called into a meeting with the CEO, Thomas Sweeney. And, I’m not to let the Bitch know anything about it. That means working in secret because working in routine fashion would certainly be spotted by one of her spies.”

“And, knowing just how paranoid she is, when she returns you’d be toast,” Sally concluded.

Nodding, Katherine allowed the next sip of her martini to coat the inside of her mouth before swallowing and warming her chilled body. “I’ve given her my all for seven years and she treats me like a lowly intern.” Mimicking the crisp cold voice of her boss, Katherine said, “Ms. Cunningham, never release anything without my signature. You are not to use the executive elevator. And never meet with a department head without speaking to me first.”

Taking another sip of her drink, she continued, “For seven years, I’ve worked my ass off for that woman. Last night fueled with a bottle of red wine, I decided I’m at a dead end. I have to leave and look for another position. Maybe this time I should move to a PR agency.” Having finished her tirade she, sipped her drink and waited for one of Sally’s on target follow-ups.

“Can you handle this assignment? Do you want to take the risk? Is it worth incurring Charney’s ire?”

“Yes, Yes and Yes.”

“So what’s the problem? You just told me that you were thinking of quitting. That you’d had it. We’ve had this conversation before and you said that no salary was worth living in a state of angst.”

“I only decided to quit last night.” Then looking at her friend, a sudden change in mood animating her features, she said. “Now I dream of working for a man I’d never met. He’s human, bright, engages your mind and engenders loyalty. What a refreshing change that will be.”

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Patricia E. Gitt is enjoying her second career as an author of corporate crime novels featuring business women balancing dynamic careers with their private responsibilities.

Raised in Kings Point, New York, she earned her BS degree from the University of Vermont and an MBA from Fordham. She is a former Chapter President of American Women in Radio and Television and was listed in editions of “Who’s Who of American Women”, “Who’s Who in Finance and Industry”, and “Who’s Who in Professional and Executive Women.”

Having had a successful career in public relations, during which she worked with business leaders in finance, healthcare, fashion and pharmaceutical industries, she met many of the outstanding executive women of our time.

She says, “I wanted to read novels featuring their strength and qualities that made them successful in corporate men’s clubs, while balancing dynamic careers with private lives.”

When asked if she was a feminist, Patricia replied, “I am a person who happens to be a woman. As such it is my responsibility to polish my skills and work to the best of my abilities. That may be considered splitting hairs, but it enables me to focus on the positive and not be dragged down by negative thinking.”

Previous Corporate Crime Novels:
Gitt’s debut novel, CEO, is a story of how one woman reorganized an international but staid industrial corporation, building it into a new level of profitability for the coming decade, while fighting one man who felt she stole his job. The novel asks whether being the chief executive officer empowers the woman, or does being a woman empower the CEO.

ASAP -as soon as possible-
A mystery featuring the cofounder of a technology company, who is the mother of a preteen son and daughter, and the wife of a Wall Street attorney. Already overscheduled, Suzanne Moss’s life is thrust into warp speed with the threatened theft of her company’s state-of-the-art home based medical technology. To resolve her business challenges she travels from New York City to Macau and back battling to save her company. On her return, she is confronted by a personal crisis that forces her to rethink her marriage and reprioritize her life.

Pat’s Website – LinkedIn – Angie’s

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