“Queen Esther” (1878) by Edwin Long of the Royal Academy of Arts (born 12 July 1829 – died 15 May 1891), an English genre, history, biblical and portrait painter. She is considered a prophet of the Old Testament along with Mordechai – and both are part of the Purim tradition. Her name is derived from […]


On the tenth of Bahman may the sacred fire be your true guide May the camel’s thorns bring you to the world and back inside Walk the earth with me, holding the future in both your hands From ancient sacred Damavand to modern lost Galician lands There where lions are worshiped as guardians of the […]

Life in Generations

Giovanni is in bed when his best friend, Ralph visits, to find him giving up his battle on living. A true story, book one of three. This takes place in the thirties, in America, and it shows how two men, who grew up in another country have remained close – which continues even after disaster strikes.

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