Substance Abuse

Gray Matter

Children are unique in their own way. Every child is born with its own intelligence, specific IQ’s and definite learning patterns and capabilities. Every parent wants a genius or a child who will someday be a road scholar, doctor or someone prominent in the academic, medical or political world. But, what happens if your child […]

Review: Murder Among Us

Twin Lakes will never be the same since Lydia Krause moved in. Thinking she would start socializing at a simple Bingo night would change everything not only for her but those living in this Twin Lakes Retirement Community. Coming smack dab in her face is Marshal Weill/Warren Manes a total embezzler, crook, and thief who […]

The Monkey

The Monkey

So, fresh-faced, I head into my teens with a cigarette between my lips. With today’s laws, it is slightly harder for children or teens, to buy cigarettes or booze but now parents are relieved if that is all Suzie or Johnny are indulging in. With designer drugs on the upswing and less interaction between children […]