Story or Stories may refer to:
Story, a recounting of a sequence of events
Story (surname)
Story, or storey, a floor or level of a building
Stories, colloquial, US American expression for soap operas

Recuperative Wanderings

Recuperative Wanderings

When I had recovered sufficiently from that comprehensive trauma, visited upon me outside of Chu Lai, I had gravitated back to the family circle and leaping back onto a few light dreams, I had then – legs crossed in the living room – infected the family unwittingly with a new sense of good fortune. Yes, […]

The Hole

Bone-Cracker roused to darkness and pain.  Disoriented, he tried to remember where he was and why, but shock clouded his thoughts and dirt clogged his mouth and nose, preventing him from thinking much at all.  He gagged and choked, digging blindly at the musty earth that threatened to suffocate him.  Eventually, he cleared away enough […]

The Dark Queen

She was one of the Nameless. Her powers were so strong that she was rightfully considered as a queen of her kin. She spent all her time in her castle hidden in the Shadow Realms. The Shifter was her sole companion and her messenger. She received countless messages begging her to fulfill wishes. She read […]


Because of the unusual weather patterns on the planet, it was far too risky to descend directly to Ferrell in the transporter, but the city was the only location on planet that could properly accommodate a space marine freighter crew on shore leave.

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