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Another Nonsensical Modern Day Term

Further to my post here on Angie’s (September 2nd) “Misusing words the modern day obsession”,  here is yet another exasperating example of buzz words taking over. *** In my old age I grow more and more annoyed of late as totally nonsensical modern day terms are seemingly replacing normal ones. Take ‘Pay Down’ as […]

A Plea to Self Published Writers

Whether you publish your book in hard back, paperback, or in one of the many eBook formats currently available, unless you take more care, it won’t be long before you become ignored as a writer, or worse, totally forgotten. What do I mean by this? It’s simple, so simple in fact that I’m surprised so […]

The Rise And Fall Of Standards In The English Language

The following article demonstrates yet again what can and does happen when ‘dumbing down’ becomes acceptable within our education system here in the UK, and what our current Conservative led coalition government proposes to do about it. It clearly highlights the appalling standard of the English language in this country at present, and this time […]