Sean Penn 1974

In 1974 Sam Bicke detested the way Government was run and blamed it for his disastrous life. He tried changing but only finding life more difficult so he turns on the assassination of Richard Nixon but plans on exploding Congress with a low flying plane. Things never change forty plus years later.

Japanese Cinema

Japanese Cinema

I recently came across a translation of one of my favorite movies from my #1 movie director: Rashomon from Akira Kurosawa. The translation was made by the very person that translated the subtitles of the original movie:  Takashi Kojima. “Rashomon“ is an amazing story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, which (fused with Akutagawa’s other story “The Grove) was […]

Saying Goodbye To Old Friends

I can’t remember how or when it all started. But over the years, and the older I became, the more I read the obituaries. Soon I became interested in reading the eulogies mostly trying to learn about the recently deceased and the legacy that they will leave behind. Many aspects of death fascinated me, especially the fact that […]