Summer Contest 2014 Results


Summer Contest 2014 Results

With pride and joy we present:
The Winners of The Summer Short Story Contest 2014


Congratulations to the winners!

1st prizeA Summer Tale by Patty Wiseman
2nd prizeTo Carry You Home by Cynthia Emily Griggs
3rd prizeEstival Interlude Lament by Paula Shene

 Comments were not allowed for the duration of the contest, but are now open.

Total Prize Pool Money: US $ 150.00

1st prize    : $ 75.00 (50%)
2nd prize: $ 45.00 (30%)
3rd prize: $ 30.00 (20%)

The money has been transferred to the respective PayPal accounts.

Thank you all for participating!
Please sign-up now for the current contest.

  1. Avivit Ben Moshe says

    Well done, Patty Wiseman – Cynthia Emily Griggs – Paula Shene!!!
    Great Reads.

  2. Eileen Browne says


  3. Cynthia Niswonger says

    Wow, congratulations Patty and Paula! Plus thank you so much to everybody who voted!

  4. Patty Wiseman says

    Thank you so much, Avivit, Eileen and Cynthia! I am thrilled!

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