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Guidelines for Submitting a Post:

If your primary purpose for posting is to include unpaid commercial links, [3] this magazine is not for you.

  • Posts must be original and of high-quality (minimum word count 600, and not existing anywhere on the Internet).
  • Posts should be spell- and grammar-checked, featuring correct punctuation.
  • Referential link(s) must be on-topic and non-commercial. [1]
  • Purely commercial posts with the sole purpose of promoting an item, service, or website, will be rejected routinely.
  • Titles should be 20-70 characters long. When editing your article, we may change and optimize your title for SEO purposes.

Bottom line: If we consider it of interest to our readers, we’ll publish it. [2]

  1. There is no fee for publishing guest posts, but for commercial links in articles, we charge USD 100 for ONE permanent ‘do follow’ link, or less, in case of multiple posts/links.
  2. PRO members get a 50% Discount on links and publicity.
  3. We do allow for links to your website and social media in your author profile, which appears at the bottom of your posts.

Define Your Guest Posting Goals Before You Submit a Guest Post

Ideally, you already have a laser-focused goal for your guest blogging. If you do not, however, we recommend the following articles on the subject:


Knowing your goal ahead of time is essential in determining which blogs you want to submit guest posts. Usually, there are three fundamental objectives for guest blogging:

  • To position yourself as an authority in your niche of expertise.
  • To get exposure (traffic) back to your website.
  • To build backlinks to your website.

Authority in Your Niche

Posting the right kind of content on top blogs like Angie’s Diary, you can do all three of these things. If you are trying to position yourself as an authority in your niche, you will want to post to blogs that have a large and engaged readership. If you are only trying to build backlinks to your website, you need to find blogs with a high authority root domain (DA).

Recognizing your goals in advance will help you determine which blogs you should submit guest posts to and which ones suit your niche of expertise best.

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