Wildest Fantasies


Wildest Fantasies

The wildest fantasies become reality and limits are shattered… Welcome to the Den, the setting for the bestselling BDSM-infused Mastered series from Total-E-Bound Publishing and Sierra Cartwright.

I never know where the inspiration for a book or a series will come from, and most times, it’s from the most unexpected sources. When I took a trip to a friend’s wedding in Winter Park, Colorado, I had no idea that several months later, I’d begin work on With This Collar or that it would become the first of six books to be set in the same place.

Wildest FantasiesJanuary can be a tricky time to travel over Berthoud Pass into a picturesque winter wonderland of skiing, tubing, and ice skating. But because I loved my friend, I braved the icy roads and tight, twisting curves.

She and her groom-to-be rented a breathtaking home for their ceremony. The house was at least a mile from the main road and set among soaring pine trees that dripped icicles from their branches.

They asked the guests not to bring any gifts, but rather, a candle. (I took one that had flowers pressed into the wax.) At dusk, a fire burned in the hearth of the living room. All the candles were lit and the rest of the lights were extinguished. The bride descended the staircase, and, as if on cue, tiny snowflakes drifted from the sky.

The bride and groom stood in front of the fire, and all the attendees gathered around.

The strangest thing about the wedding was that I’d never met the groom before the wedding. After the ceremony, I talked with two of our mutual friends. Neither of them had met the groom, either.

We speculated on the whirlwind courtship, especially since she’d said she would never remarry. There had to be something really special about him in order to capture her heart in such short order.

Of course, my imagination soared. (Aided and abetted by the fact those other friends were also writers!)

I imagine most of us have had the experience of feeling like a fish out of water, whether it’s at a new job, a party, going to school, or, like Julia in With This Collar, at a wedding. She attends the wedding of a good friend at a fabulous mountain estate. (Real-life inspires fiction!)

When her friend agrees to some unusual vows and accepts a collar, Julia is stunned and appalled. She and Lana have fought for equality in the work place, so Lana’s unorthodox wedding leaves Julia feeling like she needs to protest, until forceful hands land on her shoulders, silencing her.

Julia is swept into an unfamiliar world, of Doms and submissives, and nothing is as it seems. Master Marcus challenges everything she’s ever taken for granted. He offers her a taste of the lifestyle her friend has embraced. She’s intrigued, even though she doesn’t want to be. The uncompromising alpha male takes her to the Den’s lower level, where a private room awaits.

The house my friend rented for her wedding intrigued me. Every feature was designer-inspired. Of course, I wondered about the owner of the home. Rich? Obviously. Likes privacy? Naturally. So what could you do with all those secluded acres? To me, it seemed like a natural place to set one of the West’s most exclusive BDSM clubs. Having an outdoor place to play afforded even more flexibility for naughty scenes.

In the Mastered series, I explore a number of different relationships, with heroines ranging from neophytes to dedicated lifestylers.

Each story is unique, and each has at least one scene at the Den. I explore not only the physical nuances of such a relationship but also the emotional implications.

In the first story, that went to #1 on Amazon’s UK erotica list, Julia has to decide if she can open her heart and expose her body to a man’s indomitable will, compromising her beliefs even if it offers the chance to embrace more of her sexuality than she ever has. She has to decide if Master Marcus will be the one to master her…

I invite you to the Den, where, perhaps, your limits will be shattered…


Sierra Cartwright is “Even racier than 50 Shades,” says the UK’s Daily Mail. The Amazon Kindle UK #1 bestselling author hails from Manchester, England though she was raised in the US. She is the acclaimed author of more than twenty erotic romance novels, including the bestselling Mastered series from Total-E-Bound Publishing. She was previously published with Harlequin/Silhouette under a different pseudonym and won numerous awards as well as a coveted spot on the USA Today bestseller list.

Sierra has been interviewed by Handbag.com, the Daily Mail, USA Today, Female First UK, Marie Claire Brazil, and she did a segment for the Orlando Fox affiliate with Chase Cain. Cartwright is a multiple CAPA-nominated author.

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