WiFi Surfing of the Knight (1)


WiFi Surfing of the Knight: Alonzo Knight just got laid off work a few months ago, and he and his wife Jen, just had another one of their “heated discussions” about him finding a job.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Alonzo thought. Alonzo has always thought the arguments are a huge stress-relieving tool for his wife Jen, but it always stressed Alonzo out worse. So much so, that it activated Alonzo’s telepathy.

This is what Jen was counting on, by sighting the huge fight. It was easy for her to criticize his thought process and consider it as distracted. He was never really that in her eyes, it was not true, but he let it go just the same.

Since childhood, Alonzo Knight knew he was a telepath with unique attributes. Alonzo started studying magic and the shamanistic practices because of his fascination with ravens and other animals at a very young age, he learned to meditate and control his gifts.

He found over the years through research that his abilities were unique, to him alone, it was the ability to see through a bird’s eye-level and feel like he was flying, but there was always a trigger, an emotional excitement. It was the switch to turn it on or off that perplexed Jen so much as to what triggered it to work for him so effectively; the answer is what he always knew to never share with her or anyone as to the extent of how far he could really go.

One of the attributes was to be able to speed up molecules of electrical devices, such as toasters and coffee makers. He just taught himself how to utilize it in a different format, specifically information transference. He could even deal with the elements to create thunderstorms! What Alonzo loved the most was the feeling of flight.

Having these abilities was normal to him, but it always frightened Jen, his wife. Through the years, Alonzo could tell Jen when he received a telepathic message from someone, or a future event was about to occur. As time passed in their relationship and Alonzo’s accuracy improved over the years in her eyes, she would not allow him to speak much in her presence about anything other than what she wanted to discuss. With having a 98% accuracy rate, Jen did not want to know things that she could not change, so it became a custom to him that she would speak and expect him to mostly listen unless asked specific questions. That’s why this latest fight occurred. Although they were together all these years, she used his gifts to her benefit. She would bring his spirit up high enough to get what she wanted from him through empty promises, but then when it came time to deliver she would pick a huge fight. It would cause him to second guess himself on every decision about everything he did.

He learned to call this “game” being baited. This way she would not have to give him what she promised, but would only get him a small trinket. As a result, he learned to appreciate the small things in life, as he would have to be appreciative as most times it was what he was going to receive. It had become a regular thing in their home, especially it was this way during the holiday seasons. Now if the “payoff” of his prediction was big enough in her benefit she could not deny him a request, but it would never be too large and it could never be the admittance that she was wrong. He knew she cared for him and to wanted to keep him safe, but was not sure if it was just to reap the sole benefits for doing so.

After being parents and being together after this long now, it did not matter to him why anymore but reap the sole benefits for doing so he just knew he needed to get a job with the governmental Aerospace agency. He had been submitting applications for years now to all agencies hoping someone would catch on to him, that he was using his gifts to check and find just when the jobs he was qualified for were just about to close so he could apply for the positions. But after almost 5 years now he started to get them to respond but no one still had a clue.

He wanted to be a mentor, he could blindly trust his employer, one who knew the true gifts he had. One to occasionally fine-tune him on new techniques of utilizing his gifts in a productive and safe but larger scale. All the while compensating him for his unique experience and enable him to be paid for it. All Alonzo cared about was keeping up the regular use of his gifts and eliminating unemployment. The heated discussions were just part of his “normal life” now.

Alonzo knew the tell-tale signs: once Jen had the last word in the argument, the hair on his arm would stand up, so he would know to go. he told himself “Walk away, now!” If not, his telepathy would involuntarily kick in, and then it was going to be on like Donkey Kong. Today was sunny. He wanted to see the sun coming through the windows, but if he fought, it always turned cloudy over the house.

The second he knew it was time to leave the conversation, he received the built-in warning signal. A spell he cast on himself years ago, after issues with telling the truth could get you killed, literally. Alonzo found he could feel the hairs on his arms stand due to his anger. That meant his mind as a defense mechanism was trying to tune into the thought frequency of his attacker, through the wireless WIFI of the nearby Direct TV satellite. For some reason today was different. Jen thought, “Do not play with his emotional buttons, Jen not like this.”

Nevertheless, she wanted the house cleaned for the visitor that was to be arriving in a few days. She knew if she broke his spirit, and brought down his self-confidence just enough, his gifts would kick in overdrive and he would be cleaning on autopilot because that is how he meditates and how he practices. This would release his bottled up energy, and then he would do anything she wanted, accomplish the tasks of the housework to the obsessive-compulsive level she required, and he would do it, and just about anything else just to get her to show him some kind of affection.

What Jen knew about him and uses against him at the oddest of times was that his gift is also activated by skin on skin contact, this is why Alonzo rarely touches anyone and the physical affection from Jen is so precious; she is the only one who can touch him. Now to accomplish her goal perfectly, Jen thought, “If I inspire Alonzo just enough he could do anything he put his mind too.” Jen knew she would have to leave for several hours until he calmed back down by cleaning.

While Alonzo was cleaning, he was able to meditate about his abilities. He loved all aspects of being a wizard, even the shamanist aspects. The problem for him was that the gift he had not mastered yet was the astral project via WiFi. “How in the hell am I going to locate that satellite now?” That’s the gift he just practiced recently while remaining consciously awake and functioning. Those waves were fun slow, and then WiFi happened. WiFi allows computers to send encrypted information via satellite to other places. WiFi also allows computers/databases to receive that information as well.

When Alonzo accidentally commanded his computer to respond faster on just a thought command alone, he realized, “This shit is going to be fun!!!” So while at home Alonzo, a huge NASA fan, thought, “Nobody is going to believe this.” He just had to have a peek, “So here we go,” Alonzo said.

Then the traveling feeling stopped. He had arrived at his destination. But, as he mentally peeked, he had accidentally popped him into a conversation, one involving activating an old satellite to view the Solar flares. The scary part was how they were going to affect specific landmasses. “Well,” Alonzo said to himself, “the Aurora Borealis is going to be showing up in at dusk in states that it does not belong if that happens. It will cause wide spread panic.” He tuned into the frequency, faint as it was, and he began to travel the wavelength.

Alonzo was using his telepathy as a catalyst for the Quantum Entanglement to occur. This meant he had technological means to travel through to assist him, so he began to focus harder. In turn his brain began to adapt. There was a foreseen consequence, he started getting odd body pain signals though. As he could only hear,” old ” “Viking” “Solar flares”. The images became clearer from the telepathy through the eyes on who was speaking, in mission control. As Alonzo had to focus so intently, Alonzo started to get very cold and he started shivering and talking to himself. “I,I,I fi fi finally got their ,their, their database system to locate the signal . Alonzo told his mind to direct his own electromagnetic pulse to enhance the search lo lo lo locator.

Suddenly the mission control operator that Alonzo was connected to located the needed signal. Alonzo through the combination of his gifts was able to enhance the search and locate the satellite’s beacon mentally adapt to it. In his excitement of these actions, this increased electromagnetic pulse at a noticeably different frequency and ultimately made the Quantum Entanglement to occur and one other thing. Unbeknownst to Alonzo, it also sent the activation command to the compulsion rocket needed. Unfortunately before mission control pushed the button, and automatically the system was able to zone in on his physical location and it informed a government-employed telepath of his actions.

This is what gave his signature frequency and attached it to the “Mother Main Frame of mainframes”. Not knowing this, Alonzo located the solar flares information, transmitted it to Mission Control and then concentrated on returning to his body.

Before leaving, he thought, “When and where ?.” “Great! Now, the computer stalls, Really! Now!” It responds with “ The flares shall be striking the following locations….” and showing his town in the process. Quickly Alonzo came up with a resolution to the situation. Alonzo thought one more thing, “Once I find out the date of the arrival of the flares, I will cover my town with heavy thunderstorms to cover the specific areas that are to be affected where the ozone was the weakest. Alonzo thought,” The rain clouds would have to be dissipated before the radiation from the flares hit the earth.” “Fine, from here I’ll have heavy thunderstorms cover the areas the ozone is its weakest”.

As he thought” Save everyone and pretty light show to boot”. Alonzo thought smiling “I wonder, will they know, I was the one?” Suddenly, goosebumps arose, then he heard loudly ” Ya think!” that startled him so much the trip home was worth the falling feeling he thought he would suffer to be reunited with his body after this trip. He said smiling, “How can I get the Federal Government to consider this so they will to finally approve my job applications and hire me?”

When Alonzo came too, he found himself lying on the floor in the living room. He realized then he was wrong he was not falling, he felt like a huge bird in flight. That’s when caught his bearings and determined that he had already cleaned the house and just needed to put up the cleaning supplies. When he did this and turned around, his wife Jen was walking through the door pulling her briefcase on wheels saying “Please tell me you got this house clean like I asked”. Alonzo just kissed on the forehead like it was any other day and said“Yes dear, I did” and walked upstairs with a smile on his face, praying that someone was listening somewhere.

While Alonzo was walking up the stairs he heard the doorbell ring and heard that Jen got the door. He noticed no noise when Alonzo reached the top of the stairs, Jen said in a very sweet voice, “Alonzo? , he responded, “Yes babe?” “ Do you know anyone who works at the Department of Defense? Alonzo responded “Maybe,” Alonzo thought quickly as he knew could never reveal what he knew as she would ask questions of knowledge of his fantastic explanations. “ You could say I sort of helped someone there with very very long-distance call that kept getting dropped, the reconnection was worth it though” (Jen was never the wiser on that one, it went right over her head as that there were Aerospace security standing in front of her and cell phones have no reception in outer space )..She then asked “ Is it safe to say then you are this Knight-bird fellow they are referring too? “ Alonso replied, “ Maybe, why are you asking this?”

Jen started laughing, in a sarcastic way. Then she said to Alanzo,”That could explain why there is two black SUV’s in the cul-de-sac in front of the house, with two men in black suits, with Aerospace security badges standing in front of me along with two more from the Department of Defense.” She continued to say” They are telling me to tell you the answer to a question, one that only you would understand the meaning of?
Alonzo responded,” What answer is that?” Jen said,” Yes that flight experience counts and you start work on Monday.”. As Alonzo started down the stairs he saw the door closed, before she realized he was there he hurried back upstairs. She called to him from the base of the stairs “Alonzo? “ he responded” Yes hun” What did you do?. “ He giggled to himself knowing he could never tell her from that day on and just kept walking upstairs laughed while saying, “ I did what you requested honey, I got me a job, Alonzo he turned the corner Jen responded ” Very good Baby! I am so proud of you and…

To be continued..

  1. Avatar of Sandra Corelli
    Sandra Corelli says

    WIFI telepathy? Although your writing style is a bit awkward (is this your first piece?), you are certainly a storyteller at heart. Keep at it, knowing that you find yourself in the right environment to grow with the help of your fellow writers, if they care to comment, that is 😀

    Strange ending of the excerpt though… Maybe you should finish the sentence or skip it all together?
    Best, Sandra

    1. Avatar of David C Helms
      David C Helms says

      Thank you for your response it inspired so many more stories from it. Thank you for the opportunity of your refreshing opinion you objectivity helped those and inspired several more in the process of being written and my other research.

      As some readers are able to read from the characters thought processes point of view to imagine their world around them, as some of the characters I have written about and researched abbreviate their conversation that would appear not to have edict and others aren’t until they read it over and over again. It took a very gentle and kind editor of my work to teach me that to not give up because of my first review. Thank you again for inspiring me to continue writing.

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