What Are You Gonna Do?


What Are You Gonna Do?

What Are You Gonna Do?

Now the time has come
You can stand
or you can RUN!
Will you honor the Ideas on which America was made?
or remain content to spend your life as a slave?
Our government  is in a sorry state
With a  gigantic need for setting straight.

Of course, the budgets need debate
but  not just to produce useless litigation
Pork grants
And policies that have nearly bankrupted our once great nation!
In this guide are Ideas that can help ease the plight
of those whose belts have gotten tight
those who live in fear and fright
will find new hope in THIS Green Lantern’s  Light!


This poem also appears on the back cover of the book and is an original work by the author ” Laughing” Larry Berger get your copy today!

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