Watching Her Walk


Craig Murray’s collection “Watching Her Walk” is a remembrance of love both familial and romantic.

Watching-Her-Walk-by-Craig-MurrayIt is the joys and sorrows, heart-swelling moments and heartbreaking ones that taken together make up the tapestry of life. They are the themes and stories that while incredibly personal, are in their own way universal and known to us all.

The following are a few poems from my collection.  I hope you enjoy them






Mocha dusted porcelain
And almond eyes
A tiny doll
A question of geisha

The unintentional grace
Of supple limbs
And delicate movements
Of tiny flowers

She speaks of
Silk roads and spiders webs
Deep green seas
And far away mountains

Islands peek above
Misty waves
A fathomless blue
To tempt the swimmer

When I kiss your feet,
When they are upon me,
It is not just for
The taste of toes
Or to see the smile
Upon your face.

It is not to love
Their gentle elegance,
Their shape,
It is for another reason.

It is so I can be
For one brief
And glorious moment,
The very earth you walk upon.

The Arroyo Sighs for Lack of water
The arroyo sighs for lack of water
Sand keeps memory of rain
While the plants dream of wet
I am that place, that thing.

I have bathed in the running cool
I felt the splash of life
(She washed the sins from the palms of my hands with her kisses)
And when the rains ended
When life soaked into the sky.

And the white boiled blue away
I lay steaming upon the ground
Hoping the clouds
Will not forget me
(Remember the way that she slept with me and kept me safe)

Thank you

Watching Her Walk

  1. Avatar of Judy Markova
    Judy Markova says

    Fine work – thoroughly enjoyable, thanks for sharing.
    I wondered about YOUR poetry after reading your critique on your colleague’s Tunesia.

  2. Avatar of Craig Murray
    Craig Murray says

    thank you both so very much

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