The Way – a Tale of the Master and his Student


The student seeks out his master in search of wisdom.  He bows before him and then kneels, pleading for some of the master’s precious time.

Master: Speak:
Student: My heart is heavy, and I am lost.
Master: Is there any reason for you to be sad?
Student: Time seems to pass too quickly.
Master: Then your heart is heavy because you are lost.
Student: I know not what to do with myself.
Master: What does a man do when he is lost?
Student: He asks for directions.
Master: Have you asked for the way?
Student: I have not.
Master: Why have you not asked?
Student: I have not asked, because I am embarrassed.
Master: What will happen if you never ask?
Student: I will be completely lost.
Master: And will that make your heart lighter or heavier?
Student: It will make it too heavy to carry in my chest!
Master: Than surely to avoid this future you can overcome embarrassment now.
Student: I don’t know if I have the strength.
Master: You do.
Student: How can you be so certain Master?
Master: You made the first step by asking me, were you not embarrassed?
Student: A little.

The master points his finger at the student’s heart and intones in a commanding voice.

Master: Then ask for the way… all those that know, until you are no longer lost, when you have found your way again, your heart will be light and any embarrassment you have suffered along the way will be as nothing compared to the joy of the right path.

Konrad Tademar – February 8, 2011

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