The Sixth Precept – Intro


The Sixth Precept - Intro

The Sixth Precept – Intro

The Five Precepts of Enlightenment…

From medieval Japan to modern-day Pittsburgh, the writings of a mysterious Japanese philosopher guide the lives, both past and reincarnated present, of police lieutenant, Kim Yoshima. Researching her family history, Yoshima stumbles upon a centuries-old plot connected to her ancient ancestor, Yoshima Mitsu, a shirabyoshi (precursor to the geisha), and her young servant, Shioko.

The machinations of Omori Kadonomaro, a brutal warlord; Eela, a time-traveling “witch;” and their evil cabal known as the “Totou,” the insidious conspiracy could, if successful, change the course of history itself.

Hunted by the animal/human “shadow trackers” of the modern-day Totou, Yoshima discovers she is being targeted to break the chain-of-events leading up to the present started in Japan’s medieval past. After battling a mysterious man known only as Parker, Yoshima discovers she is not only the descendant of Yoshima Mitsu but also the reincarnation of the shirabyoshi. And Parker is the reincarnation of the Warlord Omori–the Eminent Lord himself.

Relying on her street smarts, her detective skills and her latently blossoming telepathic powers, Yoshima teams up with an unlikely group of allies–Wayne Brewster, a computer analyst haunted by dreams of becoming a superhero; Jackson Yamaguchi, a member of the “Shuugouteki”–a secret collective dedicated to fighting the Totou, and Shioko herself, catapulted into the present from her ancient past by Yoshima Mitsu–all drawn together through time and space.

As a group, they must combine their unique abilities to not only battle evil in the here-and-now but must also travel backward in history to ancient Japan. There, in 16th century Odawara, along with the warlord Omori, his warrior-monks, and inhuman shadow-trackers, the forces of the Left-Hand Path will gather from Japan’s mythological world to stop Yoshima and her comrades.

Dragons, flying Tengu, monkey-like Nue, the corpse-eating Jikininki, giant, rampaging Oni, and other creatures out of legend will break through the thin membranes between worlds and wreak havoc. Aligning themselves with the “Sleepers,” timeless warriors waiting millennia to be called back into service, Yoshima fights for both the past and present in a series of desperate battles.

Finally, at the Pavilion of Black Dragons, she faces her once-and-future enemy–Omori. The sequence of events that have already happened to defeat the malignant forces of Omori and the Left-Hand Path must be completed again or history will be changed forever.

And, in the process, a Sixth Precept must be drawn.

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