Tale of 3 Little Homicides – (2)


11:20 am Now on Oct 13 2011. Uptown corner of Lexington & Madison Ave.

Detective Albert Alexander & his zaftig partner the deliciously decadent & delightful Det. Emma Alexis arrive at “The Last Straw”, the factory that Felicity owned which manufactured and distributed specialty straws to restaurants, juice companies, bars, etc.

They check her last shipment, a large order of crazy straws to Volume Mega-Plex Music Arena.

Tale of 3 Little Homicides - (2)

12:03 pm still on Oct 13, 2011, @ Times Square corner of 43rd West &9th Ave

The Detectives interview backstage manager, Lilly Grace.

“Yeah, I ordered a whole bunch of swirly straws. Rock stars have crazy demands. We deliver or they don’t play” asserts a sassy mealy-mouthed Lilly.

“Has that happened before?”

“A few times but I didn’t kill her. If anyone you should question Karla Waxman. She’s held a grudge against her ever since her construction company was laid off from building Felicity’s first warehouse.”

1:17 pm still on Oct 13, 2011, @ Queens Blvd NY

The Detectives interview Construction Team Owner, Karla Waxman.

“Look I know I was upset at first but I got over it.”

Dispatcher reports a code 412 at the coffee shop around the corner over the police frequency.

“412? Isn’t that a shooting of a civilian?”

“Looks like someone reached for the creamer around the rookie.”

2:10 pm New York City. Union Square Coffee Casa in the Village. Oct 13, 2011.

Lilly Grace is found dead; shot to death leaned against the locked ladies room door and beside her body is another inhaler like at Ms. Freeman’s place.

“Guess that rules out Karla” whispers in a jovial tone Emma to Albert as he mockingly holding his pistol as the server pours creamer into Frank’s coffee.

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