Suspense Magazine Presents: “Green Lake” (a free serial book)


From the creators of Suspense Magazine, comes an exciting new original story called “Green Lake”. This is an ongoing series that will be given to the reader in what we call scenes.

We wanted to create something more than just a serial novel, so this will read more like a TV series, in which the reader will be thrust into the town of Green Lake, California. When the reader finishes each scene they will have to wait until we release the next, and so on. 
I’ve made up a FAQ section, so the reader will be able to understand what is happening.

1. What exactly is “Green Lake”?
a. Green Lake is a fictional town in North Central California. Over 200 years ago, before the start of the gold rush, Green Lake was founded. The Salem Witch trials received all the press back then and today, however Green Lake was the first city in the United States to burn a witch at the stake. Before she died, she placed a curse on the town and every one in it, proclaiming to have her revenge in 200 years and that time is now. 

2. How long is the series?
a. Like any TV series, there is no end until there is an end. Green Lake has a past that can’t be written or told in an exact time frame. The journey for the reader is that they will be a part of a town that is literally struggling to stay “alive”.

3. How many main characters are there?
a. There is one main character, Michael Barrett that has returned to Green Lake because of a tragedy. This is the beginning of what is about to come and Michael is searching for the truth behind the tragedy. What he finds is much more dangerous. 

We welcome you to “Green Lake” and hope you live long enough to stay awhile. However, we can’t guarantee anything and you are taking a chance by reading any further. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Enjoy.

Download it here.

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