Street Talk 3 of 3


Street Talk 3 of 3

Street Talk 3 of 3

He read my mind.

“You are thinking of your own life,” he said. “Modern woman you are.” “Everything you said now; do you have it in your life?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I am afraid I am losing it.” “I just realized it is fading away, and I am scared.”
There were tears in my eyes, and I did not hide them. I looked up and tried to smile. “I trust you with my tears I said.”

We just sat there. My dinner partners were probably starting to wonder where I was.

“Look,” I said. “Our lives may be different, but we are both missing something important.” “Maybe, in your way, you will be able to go back and tell her that you are together and she is not alone.”

“Maybe,” he said. “Maybe it is too late.” “I am not sure what I can tell her.” “I don’t want to lie.” “I am tired of fighting, and I am also tired of being alone.” “And for the first time, I know it could be different!”

We stood up, and he shook my hand. I pulled my dress a little higher again, it probably looked funny, but he said nothing.

I bowed towards him, held both his shoulders and hugged him. My cheek against his unshaven face, a little too close maybe, but I did not move away. He never touched me, but when I looked into his face, it seemed like it was good like that.

“You are a good woman,” he said. “I respect you.”

I felt proud, and it was as if a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders. We turned and walked away.

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  1. Avatar of Angie
    Angie says

    Dear Cecilia,
    You write from the heart, it touches me deeply…
    The last part of your story brought tears to my eyes!
    I imagine you are an emotional person and courageous enough to open your heart to the world – my compliments, dear. Please give us more of your insights.

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