I found the tunnel while running one hot afternoon, the dark passageway a cool respite from the beating Texas sun.

path-to-tunnelAt least that’s what I thought when I first spotted the picturesque benches flanking the opening. The trail leading under the roadway looked innocent enough, so with a slowing pace I entered, my footfalls echoing off the walls of the cave like interior.

As I left the harsh sunlight for the soothing darkness of the tunnel, the rhythm of my cadence lulled me into a feeling of contentment. All sense of time left me in the dark confines of the shadows. I strained looking for the proverbial light at the end, nothing not even a glimmer.

I quickened my pace as unease crept in replacing my calm making me edgy and anxious for the sunlight. I fought the panic rising in my throat as my legs trembled with exhaustion. Still the dark tunnel continued with no end in sight. 

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