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WiFi Surfing of the Knight 2

The introduction to the Guardian program.
What a romantic she is. Did you hear her? Alonzo thought to himself “ I’m proud of you she said. Wow “ Alonzo thought to himself. “I knew it was just stress, she does still love me.”

“Thank goodness” as Alonzo went back up the stairs and rounded the corner and stepped into the doorway of his office and  closed the door. Shaking a little, not letting the excitement hit him yet of what just happened until, after he sat down at his desk. As he eased into his chair, all Alonzo could do was just sit there for a few moments, shake and stare out of the window and assess what had just occurred.                              

Alonzo woke out of the euphoria of accomplishing his goal, to find out did she still love him as deeply as he loved her. Now that his quest of getting the answer he needed to continue his dream was accomplished. Now what? The Solar flares are on their way, and soon will be here before we know it. How will I know they are starting to arrive? Especially without access to the appropriate equipment or databases. “ Alonzo said aloud frustrated with the situation. Hoping the helpful voice that had been helping thus far was listening to his pleas for intervention. Finally a response came loud and clear.” To begin with, the intense cloudy storm coverage you’ll need to create to cover the vulnerable parts of the ozone, the consistency will be instructed to you and when to begin to do so.”

Then the typical silence, which routinely occurs right after getting an answer he has been waiting for a ridiculously long time period to hear. The thing is, the Guardian’s voice is now starting to finally give full answers and not leave room for him to assume the wrong answer and have him make a mistake. Alonzo is beginning to get used to this process and has trained himself to communicate directly to the voice’s frequency. Something got Alonzo’s attention as he heard a noise and became quiet, that’s when he heard his wife, Jen say “ Hey, Babe can I see you for a moment? “

That’s when the Guardian’s voice spoke up again,” Encourage the family to go somewhere away from the beach, on the fourth of July we need for you to be in an area that is a more controlled environment.” “ Please acknowledge” Alonzo said to himself in a condescending tone,  “Acknowledged but I’m not going out in the sun with those damn things on the way.” Alonzo then felt a sharp pain spike in his leg, it was the warning sign. To shake it off he stood up from the desk to stretch, hoping it would relieve the pain. “Alonzo, I am the Clairvoyant Telepathic Speech Responsive Program: Code name Guardian. I was an Artificial Intelligence self teaching program specifically designed for your brain wave length pattern. Artificial intelligence although I am, just because you can’t see me talking to you, does not mean I can’t knock you on your ass. That is even if I have to make you do it for me. No one likes a disrespectful smart ass son, especially not me. “ Alonzo rolled his eyes and thought to himself “I’d like to see you try it. You need me you wouldn’t dare. ” The Guardian voice responded ”Really? Say it that way to me one more time and see. “

Feeling confident in his newly learned gifts Alonzo responded ”I’m not doing it, I’m not going and I’m not taking my family in the sun. I’ll be left to fall on my face, no one to catch me when I can’t provide the evidence you need, then my wife will leave and take the kids, which by that time I would not blame her for doing so.” As the silence occurred again, like it did so many times before when he awaits a response from the Guardian voice, Alonzo shifted his footing to walk away from the desk towards the door of the office. That’s when Alonzo’s feet came out from underneath him. The way his body was situated and at this angle his head would come crashing down on the corner of the desk. Alonzo saw this knowing he could not react fast enough, he just waited for the impact hoping he would survive the blow. Just at the last second, just before his head was going to hit the corner of the desk, the voice directed this hand to divert the blow in a flash of light move to catch himself in the fall. Alonzo knew he naturally did not know how to recover so quickly.

”Now do you understand why I have been trying to tell you, I got your back?” The Guardian voice said. With that physical example proving the assurance he needed, and the message having been communicated, Alonzo was getting a worse pain informing him if he did not abide by his directions to move forward as directed, he was about to receive another blow and this time he would not be so easily saved.

The helpful eves dropping guardian voice then said ”Don’t be silly, at this stage the atmosphere is still protective and high SPF will be adequate protection for your family’s complexion, don’t blow this for yourself.” “What’s that suppose to mean?” Alonzo responded “For the job, or for keeping things running smoothly with Jen and the kids.” “Fine” Alonzo said while frustrated, Alonzo knew that there was no other way, he had to be out in the most vulnerable area, but controlled setting to determine when to begin the appropriate ceremony to cause the clouds to accumulate. Alonzo met Jen down stairs as requested, “ Hey, Hon” Jen said as Alonzo walked down stairs. “I want to take the kids to the beach for the fourth of July, and that will also give you a chance to get out of the house for a while. We can spend some quality time together too.”

Alonzo excited at the idea that she thought of something so sweet, so quickly , especially with work and traveling and being as busy as she has been, he was thrilled beyond words. He almost said yes. That’s when the word beach resonated in his head, and he remembered that he could not have them there. Thinking on his feet he suggested ”How about we go to Water Park Pools, USA instead. This way you and I can lay out in the sun, the kids, as teenagers can appreciate the park and we all aren’t irritated with all the sand getting all over everything.” At first, Jen looked perplexed, but realizing that was what Alonzo wanted and it was where he wanted to go, she was all too happy to inform the kids of the plans changing for the upcoming trip on the fourth. Jen delightfully surprised him by saying,”Hey Alonzo, I noticed you didn’t write anymore, don’t let that laptop go to waste.” You are a gifted story teller. Use all of your gifts to make that dream come to life for you too.” “I love you, you goofy” Jen said. Alonzo smiled with pride.

With that formality out of the way, the plans were made and the preparations for the day trip to the Water Park were beginning to come together. This was a perfect situation and a very inexpensive vacation for the family to have quality time during this financial stressful time. The family had the seasonal passes in hand. With the seasonal cups for drinks already purchased and the meal could be packed they could eat lunch in the parking lot at the vehicle. It was then decided. The vacation was considered a go as planned and everyone was now happily awaiting the trip.

Jen had all of it planned so that we all could let all the stress go and not worry at it during this time together. Accept Alonzo, he was afraid of just how burned he was going to get that day. According to his memory of the information from the satellite, the Sun flares should begin hitting the earth within that time period. As the days turned to weeks and the date of the trip arrived. It seemed as time had passed so quickly to Alonzo, he just kept checking the news stations on the weather, seeing the country’s weather patterns changing in record breaking proportions. Record breaking heat waves in some areas and massive rains and floods in others. The seasonal normal weather fronts were not occurring in the normal areas that they appropriately do. With the heat index going into that triple digits on the fourth Alonzo was nervous.

Suddenly the goose bumps signs started to occur and he started hearing that Guardians voice voice again. It had been a few weeks since the last conversation and Alonzo was happy to hear from him. The Guardian said “Make sure you are to at least wearing an SPF 30,” “Fine, whatever” Alonzo thought, “I’ll still look like a red lobster, just not so red” The Guardian’s voice laughed and laughed so hard, this time, that an emotional transference took place, the emotion of calm hearted happiness embodied the message received, making Alonzo laugh as well. This eased Alonzo’s, his anxiety of the situation to move forward without hesitation was ever present in his every action.

July fourth finally arrives and the family goes to the water park and they have a wonderful time together. Alonzo started noticing that he was getting second degree burns on his nose, cheeks and the top part of his chest while he had SPF30 on. The burn happened quickly. This was the sign he was waiting for. The sign of the solar flares and where were they are penetrating the ozone layer in a weak spot and these burns showed they were almost here. Alonzo now noticing that his face was stinging, played more in the water and turned over on his stomach whenever he need to rest. It was not long before his back was starting to feel the burn of the sun’s rays as well. As luck would have it, it was not long after that Alonzo, Jen and the kids left the park to go to eat lunch at their car. Jen lovingly decided while on their way out to the car, she decided to go back in by herself and pick up their belongings. This was so that they could go home to relieve some of the pain due to Alonzo being burnt. She surprised him with their stuff in tow when he reached the car and realized she was not beside him.

This quickly meant, that if Alonzo was going to be contacted it would be before getting in the car to to go home. As he was putting the last item in the trunk, The friendly Guardian voice contacted him back, and he was beside himself, excited that he accomplished his first assignment and regained the admiration his wife. The only problem was regarding the results he found out about the solar flare, how would he be able to report the flares, since obviously they had not fully reached earth yet, or he would have been burned much worse than he was.

The voice informed Alonzo, “Expect a phone call in the near future this was the final test to see if you could follow telepathic direction without blowing your cover. You will be interviewed and administer several tests and clearance will be provided. You will be trained in a formal skill as a formality, to have something on record as well as on your resume. By studying your gifts, you will get the job. This will cause you to interface with the computer program, making you already know the items to be tested on. This job is going to be one where, you will always be in exciting situations and no day is the same. You will be working with me telepathically at home on practicing your clairvoyance and telepathy skills.“ Then there was a small silence.

“I need you on top of your game on this Alonzo.” Then there was silence, as the family got into the car and when they finally reached their house. The family puts everything away and spent time together watching TV. Once the kids were in bed Jen informed had told Alonzo “I love you and I’ve been stressed. Please know I love you and know how proud I was about you getting this opportunity. Please keep up your writing.” This encouragement meant everything to him to continue his writing and he gets to continue his practice his gifts. Thrilled, Alonzo went to his office to continue writing the book he had been jotting notes on everything for years now.

The voice continued ”You are beginning to gain much stronger intuitive skill, it is being recognized by others on the web.” Alonzo thought to himself “So people were beginning to positively notice the kinds of things I am doing? “ “Alonzo? Your writing is not the only thing being noticed. It’s the accuracy of what you are writing about before it occurs, I have been assigned to protect you from with-in your thoughts for a reason, to guard and guide you onto the right path. I will not let you be tempted away from what you are destined to accomplish.”

Alonzo smiled and felt honored. “What do I call you? If I need you? “ “ Trust me your thoughts are received by loud and clear. I will know when you need me , when emergency situations occur know I’ve got your back , if your reaction time is off.“ Silence, then the voice said ”There’s always the desk, do you want me to prove it to you again. “ With that memory refreshed in his mind Alonzo smiled.

“Okay, you mentioned training, training on what exactly?” “We need for you to be able to distantly control mechanical objects, computers, interface with databases to not only read information but add additional programming. We need you to eventually to be able to control computerize devices no matter the size at will.“ “In an analogy, which I know is easier for you to identify with a thought process, “I need for you to be a sharp shooter with you telepathic gifts. You need to be as dedicated as an actor or a writer creating a character,” Alonzo responded, “ Like being as dedicated to the craft as Robert England was developing the character Freddy Krueger” The Guardian responded ”Exactly, but this job isn’t a horror movie set, Alonzo, but good analogy just the same.”

Alonzo responded, “How do I do that?” “You don’t mean to hurt someone do you?” The Guardian responded, laughing “I need for you to be focused when we train, meaning you mentally be linked to the target database, not brain, in this case a satellite, this is to establish its coordinates for us to track as we did previously remember that is how we were able to locate your residence. This will be for future missions.” The Gaurdian continued “No, I am not referring to you using a weapon of any kind, ever!“ The voice said” Really, I can picture you with a fishing pole but not a firearm.” “ If you had half a brain with the gifts you have, you would be dangerous, that’s why my program was permanently assigned to you. We want to keep you as innocent as possible. That is your zone of concentration.“ Alonzo laughed and thought to himself ”Whew you do know me well. “The Voice interjected,” but, your telekinetic skills need to be that sharp though.”

Alonzo asked “Which specific satellite are we going to be aiming for this time? There are so many?”

The Guardian voice then shared a picture thought to Alonzo of the satellite, then stated, “ TTT 007-014212. Alonzo responded oh, that one.” “ I’m familiar with the company and scientists who back it’s creation” “What do the letters stand for?” The Guardian voice inquired of Alonzo “ We are not familiar with it on our system” Alonzo laughed and responded “I created those call letters on their system and nicknamed it from a technical standpoint “Triple Transmitting Transporter.” “ The Guardian reminded Alonzo, “The other names are not significant then enough for you to have to worry about remembering? Alonzo responded no, I own the patent on the name itself and they could use my idea as long as I got to name the satellite.“ The Guardian voice said “You were an intricate part of the plans for this, weren’t you?”

Alonzo thought and continued to explain to the Guardian “There were three scientists linked or involved closely to this satellite, they never left each other’s side, nor did their assistant leave them. They were so close in fact that , the project had to hire another assistant to help with the extra work.” The Guardian voice asked “I see you gave them a nickname as well?” “They were nicked named the Ring ” , I called them “The linked bracelet” though, a chain is only as weak as its weakest link. As they always wore their name badges on the wrists and it never failed it always kept falling off.” And Alonzo laughed. The Guardian voice said “Why in the hell were they called that?” The Guardian exclaimed laughing. Alonzo answered “Whenever these four got together they always stood in a tight circle, and they always whispered.” Unfortunately one pulled in the wrong direction and was thought to be the weakest link.

The Gaurdian said ”Oh Oohhhh, that’s when they, and then a few days later they. Then they sold then they WOW” Alonzo interjected to stop the conversation “Obviously! Guardian, Alonzo thought while laughing.

“The Guardian voice finished the conversation by saying “Now all you have to do is wait for the phone call, that will start all of this job process to begin. Remember practice, practice focusing that telepathy it is very important. We will begin your assisgnment very soon.

Alonzo responded, “Will do, I can’t wait.”

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