What – Green Snow?



First really hot day since
the punishing winter and
nothing spring
instant summer
hummus lunch and warm pita
outside sidewalk café style
under shade of awning and avenue tree
waiters are lounging out of doors
everybody is happyGreen Snow

Sudden cool gust –
prolonged blow –
oh no! – what now, rain?
just wind – signaling what?
that tree above shakes and bends with the gusts –
green seedpods shower the hummus crowd
horizontal green snow!
it stings the neck
sprinkles the hummus
peppercorn sized – pods –
“only in New York” the guy behind me says –
he adds – “but look – nobody seems to mind” –
nor moving or complaining – just dipping and eating and drinking. –
nobody moves or ducks inside
the green pods keeping falling from the sky
in my head – shirt – all over my food in my water
I keep eating –
knowing I’m eating some pods too –
a new food seasoning! might as well just eat it too –
(what’s the difference?)

“A tree might grow in my stomach,”
I tell 
my waitress –
“I bring you strong Turkish coffee –
very famous, very hot – make you feel good!
so strong, no baby tree ever grow in your stomach.” –
“Bring it.”

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