Valentine Rabbit


Valentine Rabbit

Patricia wasn’t good at buying presents. But right now she had done very well. Splendid in her sexy lace and silk gown, her green eyes shining with desire, like fiery emeralds, she softly stroked the furry rabbit she’d bought for Robert.

It moved its ears. “I love you,” it said in a childish voice. Smiling, Patricia pinned a small golden heart onto the chest of the rabbit.
“Hi, love.” At last! Robert was here!


Valentine Rabbit
By Donna Courtney

He came beside her and kissed her gently. She shuddered in sweet anticipation, longing for his passionate embraces, lovingly caressing him everywhere.

“I bought a little present for you”, whispered Patricia between the tender kisses.
She gave him the rabbit. “I love you,” it said as soon as he touched it.

Robert smiled. “I love you too,” he replied, obviously not to the rabbit. “You have no idea how much I’d like to spend Valentine’s day with you. But I have to go home, and then there’s this damned meeting tonight…”
“Don’t worry, my love. I can’t stay either. We’ll make do with what we have, and we’d better not waste more time.”

“Mmmmm… I agree”, said Robert, and that was the end of the conversation.
Soon both of them were in bed, too busy to talk.

The little furry rabbit was the sole witness to their sweet embraces and passionate caresses. And were the rabbit a sentient creature and not merely a toy, it might think that if angels made love in heaven they would probably look like what it was about to witness.

Inside his parked car, Robert stared at his reflection in the mirror. He combed his hair and adjusted his tie so as to look exactly as though he was coming back from work.

Absent-mindedly, he darted a glance at the rabbit… He jerked and swore. What an idiot he was! He had bought nothing for Nathalie!

OK, he thought, caressing his chin. Not much of a problem. Anyway, we won’t go out tonight – we’ll go to the restaurant tomorrow; I’ll buy something tomorrow morning.”

In their posh apartment, his wife was sitting on the sofa watching a romantic movie on TV. Robert caressed her dark hair.
“Oh, darling you’re back! I didn’t hear you…” Nathalie kissed him gently on the mouth. “Are you hungry?”
Robert gave her a cunning smile.

“Oh, yes…” he said in a sensual, provocative voice. “I’m ravenous! Unless you want to keep on watching this movie…”
“Of course not!” Laughing, Nathalie pulled him beside her on the sofa.

“And this is a little gift for you, my love! I’ll buy something better tomorrow.” He handed the rabbit to his wife. “I love you”, said the rabbit moving its ears in a funny way as soon as she touched it.

“Oh, how sweet! Thank you so much, darling!” Nathalie was delighted. Good, thought Robert, satisfied with himself. So he wouldn’t need to hide the rabbit. He’d be able to keep it at home and think of Patricia every time he saw her present.

“I’m so sorry about this damned meeting tonight… But tomorrow I’ll take you to the chicest restaurant. Nothing is too good for you, my love!”
Nathalie left the rabbit on the table. “We don’t have to wait tomorrow for everything, though, darling? I thought you were hungry!”

Robert laughed. Soon they were making love on the sofa, the little furry rabbit being the sole witness of what was going on.
And were the rabbit, not a mere toy, but a sentient being, it would have learned quite a good deal about boring sex and simulated orgasm.

Nathalie was gorgeous in her black leather outfit. She looked like a sensual vampire queen out of an erotic horror movie. The vampire queen was impatient. Why was he late? If this was one of his tricks to torment her, she would teach him a good lesson! She gave a cruel smile to her beloved whip.

Closing her eyes, she thought of John. She shivered as though the most delightful electric current was running through her body. She would teach him a good lesson, and he would beg her to stop; then he would suddenly change and he would teach her a lesson about how she ought to behave as a nice lady…
The bell rang. She opened the door, and John entered, his eyes burning with desire.

“You’re so beautiful!”
“And you are so late!” she replied in a harsh, assertive voice.
John knelt and kissed her hand. “Pardon me, my lady! This will never happen again. I promise…”
“I hope so for you, beloved Knight of the Darkness! The next time I will not be so tolerant!”

John rose on his feet and tried to kiss her.
“No. Not yet… That will teach you to get here on time. But to prove you how magnanimous I am – well, I’ve got something for you.”
“I love you,” said the furry rabbit she offered him. She would buy another one tomorrow; Robert would not notice.

“Cute… But I’m dying for a kiss, cruel queen of my heart!”
Nathalie resisted for a while. Then they started doing naughty things that both of them would be eager to keep as secret as the place where the Holy Grail was hidden.
The little rabbit was their only witness, but it was just a toy, so it didn’t matter.

Soon, they were on the ground, moaning like wild beasts in heat. Had the rabbit been gifted with intelligence, it would think that what was happened here could inspire even the inhabitants of Hell. The rabbit would also be puzzled about the demon queen: simulating an orgasm a few hours back, she was now abandoned in the flames of a burning passion, stronger than the fires that tortured the damned in Hell.

“You look tired, love.”
John stared apologetically at his wife.
“I’m sorry, love. I had a hard day.” In a sense, he was sincere. He was exhausted every time he left Nat. Exhausted and in the clouds… He was crazy about her. Of course, he wasn’t insane enough to let his wife find out about his affair.

“What’s this, darling?”
John looked stupidly at the rabbit he was holding, the one Nat had offered him. Holy shit! That woman made him lose his mind! He managed to pull himself together very quickly.

“Why, this is a present for you, my love! You deserve better, but I know you adore this stuff.” Well done, he thought relieved. No need to hide the rabbit. He’d have it there at home, and he’d think of her. His dark mistress; his devoted, passionate slave, akin to the favorites in the harems of the caliphs and sultans in the tales of the Arabian Nights.

“I love you,” said the rabbit moving its ears.
Patricia frowned. What a weird coincidence…

Then she saw the tiny golden heart pinned on the chest of the rabbit.
It only took her a few seconds to figure out what had happened.
Nathalie. Her best friend. The bitch was having an affair with her husband.

“And you’re having an affair with HER husband,” whispered a soft, mocking voice in the back of her mind.
God, what an imbroglio! For a while, Patricia stood there speechless, biting her lips, not knowing if she should be furious or rather burst out in wild, hysterical laughter.
Finally, she smiled gently at her husband.

“Thank you, darling. This is so lovely!” Sometimes the best attitude is to remain calm and pretend that nothing is wrong.
Later, when they were back from the restaurant, Patricia and John celebrated Valentine’s Day in their bed.

The little rabbit was observing them from Patricia’s bedside table. And were the rabbit, not a toy, but a genuine rabbit gifted with superior intelligence, it would probably think that, in some aspects, the humans had a lot in common with its own kin.

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    bizonul says

    I kiss your hand ! Very beautiful story !

    1. Avatar of Sissy Pantelis
      Sissy Pantelis says

      Thank you so much, dear bizonul!! Happy you like the story -your kind words mean a lot to me. Have a nice week-end and enjoy St Valentine’s Day so as you wish 😀

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