Unwritten Letter 2


Unwritten Letter 2

You thought you’re so smart, a highly intelligent businessman. You thought that because you have so much money the world is not good enough for you.

People who didn’t achieve as much as you did are weak. You thought that by giving others a chance to grow with you, they should deliver the sky and beyond. You send them to fight the storm for you without lifting a finger or standing beside them, and if they can’t handle it you let them die.

Unwritten Letter 2But the minute they succeed and are able to stand stable and strong, you somehow find a way to wash them away from all they achieved.

But the worst stroke is not the fact that they are left with nothing for their hard work. It’s not only about material things, it’s the fact that you destroy a part of the innocence of the friendship and the definition of partners and trust!

You created the big bad wolf of Little Red Riding Hood!
You don’t appreciate anything, including life, spitting into the well, let me tell you: as much as life will nurture and treat you to feel like a king, it can also destroy and bring you down as if you were nothing at all.

The one who tries to earn on the expense of others, his success is temporary, how long did you think you will be able to pull the strings? One day they will snap. What you don’t want to be done to yourself, don’t do it to your friends, its one of the Ten Commandments, which you broke long ago.

I hope that you will be able to open your eyes one day and see the genuine truth and do self-rehabilitation and fix your mistakes and you will stop hiding behind the face that you have good intentions and that you were forced to behave the way you do.

I hope that you will learn from your mistakes and grown to be a better man, friend, and businessman, then you might achieve great glory.

I believe that everything that happens to us, even the worst experience, comes to teach us a lesson. Our duty is to find it and develop from it, you can’t run away from the truth, but you can defiantly push it aside, but one day, maybe not tomorrow, it will arise.

Some of us are lucky enough to get it in an early stage of life and know how to use it, and some of us, unfortunately, get it and still don’t know how to use it. Maybe because they have the ability to cover it all up, and then the truth or the lesson is postponed.

Every respected businessman knows that sometimes you succeed as much as you fail. It’s impossible to gain all the time.
Take whatever life is giving you, whatever you win and derive from your world. You are young and you are skilled, and you know you can.

There are some young men in their thirties, who retired and whose bank account keeps growing, stop bragging in others ears about how much you have, stop making others feel less than you or unworthy, each one of us has a special place in the universe, especially those who are working for you. Let others compliment you, learn to be pleasant.

At the end of the day, you want to sit back and enjoy life with your family and friends, laughing and derive pleasure from your strive, something that you won’t be able to do if all your friends will run away from you. You won’t get laughter back from banknotes. Try to get to your beloved in acceptable ways, return love, give a smile, lend a hand when needed, appreciate what comes your way.

Be a husband, a father, a brother, a friend, the best way you can, try hard to achieve that. Then you will feel a life you will be satisfied with, and the whole world will smile at you.

From someone who once really cared.

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