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The Gum-Gum Trees

Gum-Gum Trees

The Gum-Gum Trees

This is a fairytale about three sister fairies introduced in Land of the Fairies before at Angie’s Diary. Willow, who was sometimes called Tink. Nina, and Bee.

Willow is a helper fairy. She is no bigger than a thumb, however, she has the biggest heart. She can fix the biggest problems.

Fairies are magical beings that can fly through the air. Nina the eldest of the three, teaches the others how to use their magic and Bee is a costume designer.
Willow and his friend Peter were spending the day flying outside their village. They loved their adventures together. Below them, they spotted the ghostly Gum-Gum trees others warned not to climb. Picking fruit was forbidden.

Peter and Willow smelled the sweet lavender scents from the white pear-shaped fruit cups close to what looked like golden coins.
Peter and Willow could not resist, and both flew closer and closer. Suddenly, two of the branches shot up as if alive, and wrapped around their feet so quickly, so quietly, and so surprisingly. Willow and Peter didn’t have much time to react.

When Peter’s instincts kicked in, he used his magic as he was taught. He shape-shifted into a hummingbird, circling the branches around and around. The branches became so knotted, that they fell back to the top of the Gum-Gum tree. Peter didn’t know if Willow got entangled in the branches like he.

Peter looked and looked for Willow but she was hidden by all the branches. He thought perhaps she had flown home. As Willow was so small, she was overcome by the lavender scents that put her into a deep sleep.
She was lovingly cradled by the sounds of tingling bells. Tingling bells is the way fairies communicate. Bells kept Willow calm and put her into a deep sleep.

Peter was used to Willow wandering off in different directions for periods of time. He flew over a wide sea of sand as far as eyes could see. Finally getting to Bee’s home, he knocked on her door. “Answer the door, it’s Peter.” He yelled.

Peter told them his story, and that Willow was still missing.
After talking for a while excitedly, they all went their separate ways with Willow on their mind. Even though most of the time, Willow was a pest, they all loved her.

Willow showed up a couple of hours later, holding a large bouquet of branches that seemed to be wiggling and giggling. She told Peter, that the lavender relaxed her so, she took a needed nap. While asleep the branches serenaded her with the tinkling of bells and they became one.

When she awoke, she knew what she had to do. The branches instructed her to fly around the bottoms of the large Gum-Gum trees, and pick up any fallen branches that seemed to be shaking, rattling, and rolling.

She wrapped them all in a bouquet and flew them home. She had been told to give to the local wood carvers to make them into puppets like Pionochio for the children. Do you remember Pinocchio? When he lied his nose grew. He wanted nothing more than to be a real boy.

Maybe, he, too, was originally a rocking, rolling, branch from the Gum-Gum tree. Who knows for sure?


*** *** ***

Our Permanent State

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners.
That is our permanent state.”

Happy fairies are all-stars,
curious jugs of sunshine,
their faces shining with thought,
their eyes metaphors of emptiness
and fullness perfectly contained,
their naivety keeps others entertained,
they do not think about anything too long,
doing good deeds keeps them energized,
they have happy feet, elastic faces,
and like acrobats, they ride bareback
wild stallions with wings,
they train smarter, not harder,
slow and steady gets them there,
They balance fun with rest, and they lie
on their backs, and take pleasure in
moments of nothingness.

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