The Florist: Beware of the Roses


I heard a faint knock.  Someone is at my door.  Opening the door revealed a beautiful box on my doorstep. I pick it up and brought it inside.  Placing it carefully on my dining room table, I looked for a card.

The box was from The Florist.  He sent it to me for my birthday.  He sends his special clients flowers for their birthdays each year.  This year he said he was going to add something special for those women he found especially attractive and alluring to him.

floristI opened the box and inside was a dozen yellow and red tulips. They are my favorite flowers.  I love tulips and of course, every woman loves roses too.  Next to the tulips in a separate little box were six beautiful blood red roses.  The card read: “Smell the roses with the special scent that I created just for you.”  I placed my nose close to the blooms.  That is the last thing I remembered.

The Florist’s Mother – How it all began and why?
A story told by me: THE FLORIST: CALL ME MAXWELL

I moved to this rich town for one purpose only to milk the rich out of as much money as I could and to convince them that I was the best Florist in the world. I want to create arrangements for all of their special occasions.  My floral arrangements are meant to suit the person and their personality.  I interview my clients and try to create floral arrangements to suit their preferences.  Each arrangement is specially designed and created with an individual scent that the client creates in my special lab.  The floral arrangement I create must suit the event the client is attending and the clothes that the person is going to wear.  Of course, there is more!

Ever since I can remember I have always been made to feel inferior to the boys in my school and my two brothers.  My mother, who is deceased, made me feel like an outcast?  Therefore, it is no wonder that I have no use for women that are uppity, and think that everyone is beneath them.  I hate the ones that think they are so beautiful that no one else belongs in their space.  These women will learn a long and hard lesson from me.

My mother was a movie starlet who thought she was the most gorgeous creature on this planet.  She would tell me how ugly I was compared to my two brothers and the rest of my family.  She would insult me in front of her friends.  She thought nothing of embarrassing me when we were out in public and telling everyone how sad that I was not handsome, but homely.  She went as far as telling her coworkers and people in our neighborhood how sad it was that I took after my worthless and good for nothing father.  Well, she is dead.  Too bad.

On her last birthday, I pretended to please her and sent her a bouquet of my specially scented flowers.  I never said what they were scented with nor will I.  You might want to steal my formula or scent and use it on someone you hate too.

I had her body cremated. No autopsy. I wanted to make sure that her death was declared as heart failure.  The scent that I created for her special birthday gift was nothing compared to the ones that I have created for my newest clients. Beware of the scented blood red roses!

I placed an ad in the local paper on my special website advertising my flower shop at  I wanted to make sure that everyone in this town and on the net could order flowers from me.  Not all of my deliveries would have these specially scented flowers of death or destruction.  Some would have just the special flowers ordered for a sweet sixteen or wedding that had been specially chosen for that person.  I even put blogs on FaceBook, My Space, and Twitter.

Moving from place to place, I’ve left my mark on many girls in many unique and horrific ways.  I never use the same method of disfigurement or destruction twice.  I am a different person with an entirely different appearance and job everywhere that I go.  I am the Florist: You may call me Maxwell.

Ashley, a twenty-five-year-old office manager who worked for a doctor would be my first victim in this town.  She was tall and thin with long blonde hair and was having an affair with the doctor.  He was 50 years old, overweight, and not very handsome.  However, that did not matter to her as long as she had the doctor’s attention and adoration.  All she really wanted were the presents, flowers, and trips that he would take her on and the credit cards that he took out in her name and paid for.  She was a cold-hearted bitch and deserved whatever she got.

Ashley’s parents were divorced when she was just five and her mother abandoned her. Leaving her with her wealthy, but too busy to care for her father.  In the care of nannies, she learned how to manipulate everyone around her.  Her father indulged her every whim and her nannies were too afraid of her to tell how cruel and manipulative she was.  Always throwing tantrums if she did not get her way or threatening to get her nanny fired, she managed to get through her early childhood and adolescent years getting everything she wanted and more.  Milking every situation, she managed to get her smarter friends in school to do her homework and term papers for her in return for not telling their parents what they were really doing after school.

Ashley went to business school thinking she would get a great job because of her looks and her cunning ways.  Instead, she wound up as an office manager for a well-renowned plastic surgeon.  The doctor she works for is rich and has connections that she feels will eventually lead to a more permanent position with the doctor as his wife.

Dr. James Mansfield, a renowned plastic surgeon whose clients are mainly rich women that always want a nip here and a tuck there. Women are so vain and so very stupid.  They think the more they spend on their facelifts, Botox and more their husbands, who are probably having affairs just like this doctor, will notice them.  Little did he know that he would soon help me carry out my mission to destroy Ashley.

Tonight they would celebrate their 6-month anniversary as a couple.  The doctor called me and ordered a special arrangement of her favorite tulips, carnations, and orchids to show her how much he cared about her.  I would make sure that the arrangement she received would be just right and of course, I would add my specially scented six roses just for her.

While getting ready for their night out her doorbell rang.  The doctor arrived early with the special floral arrangement that I had created just for Ashley.

“You’re so beautiful and I can’t wait for our special evening to begin.  These flowers were prepared and created just for you by our own Florist.  I hope they meet your approval.  I really want to please you and make you happy tonight.”

Opening the box Ashley lifted out the tulips and the other flowers but really focused on the red roses.  It was as if she was being drawn to them and could not take her eyes off of them.  The scent on these roses would take a little while before taking effect.  She would never be quite the same after this night.

Ashley placed the roses and the other flowers in separate vases put on her fur jacket and left with the doctor for their special romantic dinner and more.  As she locked the door, the doctor did not notice a change in the way her eyes looked and the expression on her face. He smiled as he walked out with her. Little did she know the role he played in my plot.

Throughout dinner, she seemed distracted and her attention focused on every man in the room except the doctor who was becoming angrier and more upset by the minute.  Ashley noticed this but did not seem to care.

The roses had such a powerful draw. Ashley pinned one to the lapel on her jacket. The scent was slowly working on her mind and her body the way I had intended it to.  As she and the doctor walked toward his car, she became overly affectionate and could not bear to keep her hands off this grossly overweight and not very handsome man. The scent had begun working and what she saw was not what was really in front of her.  Her mind was playing tricks on her and she began to see him in a very different way.  However, he began seeing her in a completely new light too.  She was becoming rude, crass, and overly affectionate to the point that the doctor was becoming embarrassed. (Or was he?)

“Ashley, dear let’s wait until we get to your apartment.  This is not the place to do this and I do not want anyone to see us in public.  It could get back to my wife.”

“  Who cares about the old fat excuse for a horse that you are married to?  We can get rid of her and be together forever.  You are so hot to look at and I cannot seem to get enough of you.  I could take you right here and right now.”  The doctor pushed her away, began walking to his car, and told her he would send her home in a cab.  The demonic look on her face and her eyes glowing in the dark started to frighten him.  However, she would not give up.

Looking him in the eyes, her voice began changing and her whole appearance at once appeared older, uglier, and deadly.  Her hair started darkening and turned bright blood red like the color of the roses.  Her eyes looked sunken inside her head and her face was so pale you could barely see her lips.  She resembled a classic vampire figure except for her eyes and her bright red hair; you would hardly think she was a person at all.

Coming closer to the doctor, she ripped open his shirt and started to bite his chest and his neck.  She became hungry for blood.  My plan was working but I was not ready to destroy her yet.

The doctor looked into her eyes and became frightened.  She was no longer the same girl that he fell for and that worked for him.  Her eyes looked blood red and her skin so pale.  He was trying to get away from her but could not.  Looking deep into his eyes, she seemed to cast a hypnotic spell.  The scent on the roses was working and she was becoming everything that I knew she had inside of her and worse.

The doctor looked at her in total horror and when she finally spoke, the voice was no longer hers but a demonic and evil deep throaty voice that sent chills down his spine and scared the hell out of him.  He could no longer take his eyes from her as she worked at removing his shirt and telling him how much she needed and wanted him and how she would make them one.

“I don’t understand what’s happened to you.  You are frightening me.  When I look at you I no longer see Ashley, I see someone else that is in your body and your voice is not yours either.  I need to go home and I need to wake up from this nightmare.”

Trying his best to get out of her clutches and to look away from her, she grabbed his face in her hands and planted her ruby red lips on his and they both went limp.

When the drug I had placed on the roses finally wore off neither one remembered what had happened.  The doctor said he was tired and needed to go home.  Ashley felt sick and nauseous and did not know why.

Walking into her apartment, she had a strange look on her face and she began to shake.  Looking into her mirror, she saw her reflection.  Not believing her eyes she smiled wickedly back at the mirror and prepared herself for bed and the doctor’s nightly phone call.  This was too good to be true she thought.  Thinking aloud to herself, she began plotting how she was going to convince the doctor to get rid of his wife and be hers forever.  Being a plastic surgeon with a wife with a horse face, she hoped he would convince her to have some major surgery with catastrophic results.  Little did she know that what she hoped for was not to be?

As Dr. Mansfield entered his house, his wife was standing in the doorway.  “Where have you been and what lame excuse are you going to give me tonight?  I know you were not at the hospital checking on a patient because I called there.  I know that your slut of an officer manager was not working late with you, or were you both working each other.”

“Please Edna, I have a splitting headache and I will not tolerate your ridiculous rants and raves.  I was out for drinks with some of my friends and I left a message for you with the house cleaner.  Didn’t you get it?”  She just stared at him in total disbelief and stormed out of the room.

While preparing for bed that night he began to feel sick to his stomach and threw up his dinner and more.  He began to get sweats and had trouble standing. He had no idea why. He thought he was getting a virus of some sort or he ate something bad at dinner.

The following day in his office, he found a short note from her.  Doctor, I will be late and I hope you do not mind.  I want to bring you something special that will give us both pleasures tonight.  I have missed you all night and I cannot wait for us to be together again.

With a smile on his face, he went into his first patient consultation and could not wait until she arrived.  Little did he know that both would be receiving a big surprise that would forever and permanently change both of their lives?

While the doctor was seeing his first patient and the receptionist was in the women’s room, I quietly placed a special package on his desk with a short note.  When he went back into his office waiting for the patient to come in and speak with him he saw the box and opened it.  Inside the box was a special mirror scented with the same drug or smell as had been on the roses.  There was a second box with another mirror on Ashley’s desk.  Now the fun would finally begin and they would both get what they deserved.

Ashley eventually arrived dressed in her tight spandex black leggings, a short red tank top, and a black jacket.  She had blood red lip-gloss and her cheeks had just a hint of bronzer on them.  Her hair was in a ponytail and back to its natural color.  The doctor stopped what he was doing when he saw her walk into the office.  She walked into his office and gave him that special phony smile.  He handed her the box that I had left for them.  Neither bothered to read the cards thinking that each one had left the box for the other.

There are so many girls in this world who think that they are so beautiful and that no one else really matters but them.  They stare at themselves in their mirrors and see their reflections and nothing else.  Never bothering to care about anything or anyone… never bothering to see them for what they really are: Self-centered miserable useless nothings.  I have decided to change all that.  The Mirror will reveal all to those chosen by me very soon.  This mirror not only would cause her true personality to surface but would show her what she really looked like underneath.

Looking into the mirror, Ashley’s face turned ashen.  She started to shake and could not control her movements.  The doctor standing they’re watching her just grinned and did nothing to help her.  Looking into his mirror, he saw something so horrific and grotesque.  It was Ashley’s face and his reflection was that of a younger and handsomer man.  Ashley was no longer the young and beautiful girl but an older, wrinkled, and withered old woman.  The roses had worked.  She would no longer be the object of the doctor’s or anyone’s affections anymore.  She would learn how it feels to be mocked, ridiculed, and tormented by others that are more beautiful than she is.

She became so frightened and so scared she started to scream obscenities at the doctor and threw the mirror into the fireplace in his office shattering it into a million pieces.  As the pieces of glass shattered and met the fireplace a strange glow came over Ashley and then…no more Ashley.  She was gone or was she?

The doctor walked out of his office with a spring in his step and a grin on his face and a strange glow in his eyes.  He was a new man and did not know why, but he would find out soon enough once I took care of the others.

Ashley woke up but not in her apartment.  She woke up in an operating room with the good doctor preparing to create a new face for her.  In operating room, next store she could hear a young girl screaming for help to let her out but no one heard her.  This was a special hospital and a special operating room used for my purposes only.  After what the doctor learned from me about Ashley, he was more than willing to help with my plan.  Besides, he could not resist the scent of the rose pinned on his lapel, which had a mind-altering drug in it that seemed to control his every move.

Opening her eyes you could see the fear in them. She did not recognize my face at first. I was born over 200 years ago and since developing these fragrances and scents I managed to create one that would prevent me from aging and even change my outward appearances when necessary. Being over 200 years old I have managed to get to know and learn more about these ungrateful women than most would.

Unfortunately, for Ashley and many others they would soon learn the hard way. But first to make my point I want her to meet a former beauty queen from 1929 who has not really aged much but who is no longer a beauty. In the operating room assisting me was a tall, lanky and grotesque looking woman that looked part woman and part monster.

Ashley who was strapped down to the gurney and whose head was immobile looked straight into the face of this creature. Trying to look away her neck became caught in the brace that they had around it and she looked like she was about to choke. Her face turned red and the doctor instructed the woman to loosen the neck brace and readjust her head.

The doctor informed her that the surgery and her transformation were about to begin and there was nothing she could do or say to change the outcome. She was a heartless bitch who used people and him for her own purpose and now she would pay with the only thing that mattered to her, her appearance.

As the surgery began I could see the pain and agony on her face and decided to give her something to make it all go away. I placed some of the roses next to her and she slowly drifted off. While we were operating on her we decided where she would wind up when we were finished. Instead of in her apartment we thought somewhere she might finally learn her lesson and live out her years as a pariah and outcast.

When she finally woke up she was in a small room without any mirrors or anyone there. Her hands and arms were all bandaged and so was her face. Her eyes looked like little slits with heavy bandages around them. He slips were sewn shut for now and a feeding tube was placed down in her neck in order to make sure she did not starve to death.

Ms. Beauty Queen 1929 and Ms. Beauty Queen 1899 were there to help ease her pain and take care of her. Both of these women were grotesque and Ashley had no idea that she would be too. The surgery was irreversible and where she was going was too. I had chosen a time period in the early 1800’s for her. Women did not have the vote but they acted and dressed liked ladies except for those that worked as prostitutes and ladies of the night. That was where she would live out her days. But, not as a prostitute but as a servant who would take care of the ladies and clean up after them and their gentlemen friends.

Ashley was transported to a recovery room and then after two days sent to live with Ms. Beauty Queen 1899 as part of her staff. She was given a black dress that fit loosely over her thin body and a cap to cover her hair. She was not allowed to wear any makeup or look at herself in a mirror.

When the first client arrived and was greeted by Ashley he stood there and just stared. “How ugly you are my dear. How grotesque you look. So sorry this happened to you but learn your lesson too late you did.”

“Who are you and what makes you think I look grotesque? Have you not seen yourself in a mirror? Why no of course you haven’t. They were waiting for my arrival for the unveiling. Allow me to introduce myself. Right! I guess you don’t recognize me- I am Maxwell the Florist and my friend here Dr. Maxwell and I reconstructed your new look.”

Taking her by the shoulders they placed her in front of a long floor length mirror to see herself for the first time. Now you will understand why others will mock and ridicule you as you did others. Now you will feel the pain and anguish that you gave others. LOOK AT YOURSELF! I HAVE DONE MY BEST WORK ON YOU!

Ashley passed out and could not be revived.


The Florist

I might come back 4 YOU!



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