Naomi’s Walk


Naomi’s Walk

“Alright, legs, let’s go,” said Naomi.

She started rolling her wheelchair but was terribly distracted by a man with one leg crossing the street. She thought he was cute.

Naomi’s WalkNaomi wanted to take a shortcut to the bus stop because she was running late to her job interview, but something added to her fear—a giant hole had been dug by a construction crew around an elementary school, and around it was a tall, dirt mountain. The dirt mountain reminded her of a childhood accident that left her legs partially paralyzed.

The handicapped man walked by her and then looked back and asked her for her name. “Naomi, See that hill? I am going to jump it,” he said, “to make it to work on time. Trust me; I can do this.”

Naomi thought he was weird but interesting. She often felt lonely and was glad to be chatting with someone.

She didn’t want him to do it. She felt it was too dangerous, especially when she thought about how her brother was killed by riding her on his motorcycle. “No, I would not try that if I were you.”

He took her hand. “If I fall, I’ll only land on a pile of dirt.”

“I am frightened for you,” said Naomi quietly, shuddering and ashamed of her fear for him because she just met him.

She did not want to hold his hands, but a man has never asked her before, and she thought he was cute. “Pray to God and close your eyes and just imagine yourself running with me as a take this jump.”

Naomi was daydreaming of jumping with him.

She pushed herself to the steep edge. Naomi looked over it and gasped. It looked like a long fall down.

He can do it. I can do it. He can do it….

“Close your eyes, Naomi. Here I go,” he shouted.

She began to stand up straight and walk a little, right after he landed. She felt a heavy burden lifted. Her feet felt stiff, and then she fell in a pile of dirt as though it were a swimming pool. Her head hurt, and her body ached. From somewhere, she heard the man’s voice calling her.

“Naomi, Naomi,” he shouted, his voice cracking, “are you okay?”

He sounded scared, and she knew why. She must have fallen, and he could not see her.

She wiped the dirt off her face. “Here I am,” she said with a big smile.

He came running towards her. “Aw, my God, girl. You really did walk,” the man said shaken.

Naomi started thanking God for giving her the courage to walk.

“I can’t believe I just walked since my accident,” said Naomi.

He looked a little embarrassed. “I don’t cry for nothing. You are a very brave woman, and you are my new friend,” he repeated with a hug. “Will you go out on a date with me?”

She stared into his eyes, and Naomi did her best not to blush.

“I am happy for the both of us, and I would be more than happy to go out on a date with you,” said Naomi quietly, blushing and smiling ear to ear.


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    Andrea Anderson says

    Thank you so much. I have a passion for handicapped people.

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