Mushroom Dream Ceremony


Encounters with the past in the boundless unknown…
The Sorcerer’s Dream is a true story of my initiation into the Native American tradition of sorcery.
During my initiation one of the steps was to take magic mushrooms in a dreaming ceremony.

The mushroom is the outward appearance of the entity and I was fortuned to meet the entity Mateeë. Mateeë is a cosmic relative and he guided me into the unknown being a signpost into the second reality of dreaming and creativity. During the first dreaming ceremony I was pleasantly surprised to be invited by my ancestors, who were speaking to me, to be initiated as a medium. My dreaming teacher, the shaman Vidar, explained more about the skill of the medium.

Mushroom Dream Ceremony - swansThe shaman Vidar told me somewhere in the beginning of my apprenticeship that Mateeë would guide me to the unknown; he teaches how to shift your assemblage point. His characteristic is cosmic love, humor and beauty. He teaches you that this reality is not the only one.

However, you have to be ready to meet the entity in the dreaming ceremony, to be guided into the unknown. It can be very dangerous if you don’t have someone to teach and to guide you because you are challenged and confronted with your fears.

During the first dreaming ceremony I was invited by my ancestors, who in cosmic waves of information were speaking to me, to be initiated as a medium. This event I describe in my book. In this post I would like to explain more about the Art of the Medium with the next excerpt from chapter 10. It starts with a dream a few days after the dreaming ceremony and next my dreaming teacher explains more about the skill of the medium.


“A circle of people are urging to introduce themselves to me. “It’s an entire family,”

I declare my amazement out loud.

But it is not an ordinary family, I know, it is my spiritual family consisting of at least two men, two women and a couple of children. The family gives me the warm-heartedness which you could expect from a family. Their love delights me. One particular guy seems to like me very much. When we say goodbye he keeps asking me for a last kiss. “All right, one more kiss, only one more.”

“That’s me,” Vidar teases.

“Are they really related to me?” I ask.

He agrees. “They are immediate family. Soon you will get better acquainted because the coming period I will educate you in the skill of the medium according to the North-American tradition of my family.”

Without a shred of irony he adds: “You must realize we are talking about a far advanced training.”

I want to jump for joy. My biggest wish is about to come true! I am not sure how to measure my talents, but I feel very honored and once more I tell him this is all I ever wanted even though I never really knew why. Vidar says there is a simple explanation for it: “Your wish derives from your gifts.” He draws a circle on paper and says: “For your initiation as a medium, you set up a new medicine circle. That means you no longer work exclusively with the medicine wheel of totality, but also with that of the medium. There are wheels within wheels.” On the four wind directions he sketches figures and he draws one figure on the centre spot: “You grandmother is the coordinator of it all. She brings your ancestors in touch with you. Your family members introduce themselves to you and tell you what their knowledge is. After a while, every individual is placed on a fixed spot on the medicine wheel. As a medium, you get your information from the source of knowledge itself. For instance, your ancestors have eternal knowledge on healing, art, architecture, philosophy, to list only a few.”

I wonder how it is possible to pick up information which is a hundred or even a thousand years old.

“Look at it this way. The past is like a fingerprint on reality: layer on layer. As a medium, you retrieve the stored memories of your ancestors, interpreted by many as past lives.”

“You don’t believe in past lives?” I interrupt him.

“Not in passed and not in future lives. Man has created two lines from the source of totality: the hereditary line of the eternal cosmic family and the earthly ancestors. You are an eternal entity and you cannot suddenly jump onto someone else’s totality.

To get back to your question, a medium has the gift to tune in on the past and pick up information. You could compare it to a radio mast,” and he puts his arms wide up in the air. “Your gifts work like a tuner, you tune in until you reach the frequency which leads you to your grandmother. You convert to other channels through her and tune in on another frequency to get in touch with one of your ancestors. But that’s what your grandmother taught you during the encounter. Very quickly you were able to switch to other frequencies. You practiced a nice skill,” he grins, “you made use of cosmic energy to pick up information. When you address your physical energy, you’ll exhaust yourself.”

About the Sorcerer’s Dream

The Sorcerer’s Dream, A true story of initiation into the Native American sorcerer’s tradition by Alysa Braceau, Dreamshield. The author gives us a glimpse into the very real world of lucid dreaming and astral projection. Her direct experiences with a modern day mystic, Running Deer, takes the work of Castaneda one step further. In The Sorcerer’s Dream, she reveals unique steps to mastering lucid dreaming and traveling to the unknown.


Alysa Braceau, Dreamshield lives in the Netherlands (Europe), she is mother of a 7-year old daughter. She studied social legal studies and the passed ten years she is a (freelance) journalist and publisher. Besides that she has a healing practice and gives workshops about the Art of Dreaming.

Alysa Braceau is author of The Sorcerer’s Dream. The theme of the passed years have been the sorcerers tradition and mastering lucid dreaming. She carefully recorded her personal experiences which has finally led to this first book.

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