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Message In a Bottle

Message In a Bottle

Message In a Bottle

Dear Mr. Somebody,
I know that you are sitting alone on the shoreline watching the waves crash inland. Right now your soul is aching, your heart feels as if it is shattering into a thousand pieces and your tears are flowing freely like the Nile.

I know this is the day that you have chosen to make a decision that will affect others on a level you could never imagine. You feel that there is nowhere to turn and that no one cares for you. Trust me Mr. Somebody I understand what you are going through more than you know. I know because I have been there myself.

You are in pain that is beyond description to those who have not experienced what you are encountering at this moment. I know that you contemplating various means of finalizing your misery.

I have experienced firsthand the numbness weighing you down heavily. At this moment you feel as if the pain will never end, but it will end. Just as the waves crashing before you will subside, so will the pain. As the saying goes, “this too shall pass.”

Believe me, Mr. Somebody it will. At times you may feel unworthy. But remember that you are worthy and God loves you when no one else will. I know that he loves you because you have found this letter encased in a bottle, a letter that was written just for you.

Even though we may never meet, God has put it on my heart and directed me to compose this note and send it afloat. Therefore, as an obedient servant, I have obeyed.

So as you pull the heavy, cold metal away from your temple and toss it into the ocean, smile and make a joyful noise for the wonderful days ahead of you. Rejoice in a celebration that you are loved. Celebrate and catch God’s kisses that shower you with His grace, love, and blessings to live another day.

In closing, now that you have chosen to stay amongst us I pray that you do the same for someone else. Please write a simple letter in hopes of saving another just as you have been saved.

Mrs. Somebody

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