Instructions For Kissing 1


Instructions For Kissing 1

Instructions for the correct manner of kissing between two, currently independent persons.

From lifelong experience, I would like to convey here, a basic set of considerations and possible precautions, one should definitively adhere to, before and during the kissing session:

Instructions For Kissing 1The Partner
It is a wise approach, to choose a person that volunteers to the action to be performed. Otherwise one should consider the extra amount of strength needed, and the consequential loss of energy involved.

One should also consider the fact that one might not get through this procedure without permanent damage. As the act is being conducted directly to the human body, and far into the oral realm, the combined health conditions of both partners are of extreme importance. Skin problems in the facial area are frowned upon and should be preceded by a consultation of a physician to establish if the condition is not infectious.

External Signs
The person in question should ideally measure between 5 and 6 feet (1,50 – 1,90 m.), and be of mature age. If necessary, this period can be extended by a couple of years. On the other hand, the lower age barrier should not be decreased, as the seriousness of these acts could have far-reaching legal consequences.

External features and posture naturally play a distinct role and should be considered at all costs. Especially when you tend to be overweight yourself, your partner should not be too heavy set. Bodily closeness while kissing is necessary, and the distance of the heads of the kissing partners should not be excessive. Long necks from both partners might help, but as a rule, these are hardly ever found in corpulent types.

(to be continued)
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