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Field of Stones

Kaitlyn, your tombstone has arrived to the place that it came from across the ocean somewhere, and is now at the monument place I bought it from. 

It’s been there a few weeks now, but I had to wait for the sketcher to come to do the scene I want on it.  He came today and I had to go to make sure everything would look good with placing of the sketch, picture, and lettering before they proceed.

Oh, it’s a beautiful tombstone Kaitlyn.  Worthy of the beautiful person you were and the beautiful spirit you are.  It’s a shiny, smooth black granite stone in the shape of a teardrop.  Your picture that has been somehow transferred onto an oval smooth stone is beautiful, crisp and clear showing how beautiful you are.  This will go near the top near the curve of the upper part of the tear drop.  Below that will be the inscription, “I love you bigger than the universe.”  Something I’ve told you almost every time I saw you, or emailed you or called you your entire life.  Because I do.  I love you bigger than what the universe can contain.  My love transcends all that is above us; our universe, our galaxy that holds billions of stars, to the other billions of galaxies that also hold billions of stars, which is more than our mere human minds can comprehend.  The light-years of space; my love fills that up and spills over.  It has and always will.

Below this inscription will be the beautiful sketching that the man special from Georgia will be inscribing onto your stone.  It will be the scene of a beautiful beach with the sun setting into the ocean.  It will be intricate and beautiful.  Below this will be your name, Kaitlyn Nicole Elkins.  Below that will be 1-19-90 to 4-11-13.  As beautiful as it will be, it can never be close to being as beautiful as you.

As I stood there next to the stone as it was sitting on the platform and the sketcher was marking the areas all of this would go for my approval, I ran my hands over the smooth, slick, shiny black stone.  I thought about what it would represent; the beautiful person that it will honor.  But nothing any human could ever come up with could fully represent your magnificence in all things, but I did my best.  I thought about the engraving; how this in no way was any engraving I would ever want to see associated with you….an engraving on a headstone.  The engraving I was so looking forward to was a plaque at your medical practice that read, “Kaitlyn Elkins MD.”  That plaque will never be so I’m

enduring what no mother should ever have to do, the supervision of the words that will go on this stone in a field of other stones that will let people know for years that you once graced this Earth.  But they will never know the whole truth; the whole truth of what a remarkable person you were and how very much I love you; how much so many people loved you.

It will soon be placed at the head of your grave in a graveyard that is very old.  One day your grave will be very old and I will be gone, but your stone will still shine like glory, just as your presence illuminated this world.  I love you Kaitlyn.

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