Razor-sharp teeth flashed in the moonlight as he bent quickly and plunged deep into her neck…

He flinched as blood sprayed from the artery he had struck. He drank deeply, savouring the taste of her coppery blood, and held her tighter against his chest to lessen her movements lest it causes the wound to open deeper. Her quiet whimpering cut him to the core but he still continued. He hated this.

EternityLady Gina woke in the moonlight slowly, feeling somewhat drowsy as she lay on the cool moss bed thinking about her new husband, about her new life…where it would go from here. Touching her neck she could feel nothing remaining but the indent of his bite, she was already embracing and healing fast.

He had just taken her…willingly on her part, perhaps not so much on his. Her long-time lover had fought this day for so long. He had never wanted it to be like this for her…but she had. She needed this new life…she needed him.

Woelf had warned her about the hunger, the insatiable need to feed, and the way it would feel to never see the light of day again without cover…she just didn’t care. Lady Gina knew she wanted this more then anything. To finally belong…to have a family…to be free to be who she wanted to be…but most of all, to be with him completely, without his fear of going too far and hurting her.

Oh yes, the others Elders would complain, they were expecting another to be his wife. It had all been arranged…but that would have meant losing him…forever.

There would be a precious few, however, who would welcome her with open arms. Talia, Bella Dawn and Yzabella had asked for her many times before, to have her join them, but Woelf had denied the request.

As an Elder in the clan, even a relatively new one, they had to respect his wishes or risk the punishment. Only he had the power to make the choice and bring her into his world, the life of the undead.

Where had he gone? To love her so completely…bring her to the brink of death and then pull back, just in time. To have finally made her one with him and then leave her here..alone?

Hardly noticing the droplets of blood splattered to the left of where she had lain, Lady Gina jumped to her feet, her anger at him increasing swiftly…her blood to almost at a boil in seconds. She walked to the edge of the precipice they had found, and jumped, slicing through the air, downward. Lady Gina had a wicked temper, which she kept a tight reign on, but somehow he always managed to make her lose control of herself, one way or the other.

As she landed in the pool below, the temperature of the water reduced her anger, but minimally. Surfacing she looked around her, at the foliage so thick it blocked this pool from the sight of passers-by on the road just the other side of the trees. It was the perfect location to find food, shelter, create a home and it was close to the coven as well.
Her sweet, caring, sexy as hell, lord of the darkness had promised her a “real home”, something she had never truly had before.

Finally, as she looked around the cave-like enclosure, she saw him, sitting on his haunches in the corner of the falls, fangs dripping blood down his chest. He had needed to feed on one he could pull every last drop from, take until they lay lifeless in his grip, to the death. This was the life she knew she would now be a part of with him. The life she wanted so damn badly.

The blood did not bother her before and it certainly didn’t now. In fact, as she swam towards him, it drew her in. Its scent…strong bloody smell, slightly tangy, mixed with the fresh clean water of the warm pool and the falls, making it even more of an assault to her senses.
She was hungry herself, but no human food would satisfy her cravings again. She needed the blood, fresh blood, of a human.

Still feeling the slight anger at his leaving her alone, she hoisted herself from the water without a sound. He had not noticed her yet as he continued to drain the life from the wanderer in the woods.

Slowly, so as not to startle him, she slithered up behind him, watching his body tense as he realized her presence. With a deep growl, she ran a long fingernail down his back, watching as his own blood began to seep from the wound.

“You do not share the first meal with your new wife after our joining? Is it not common courtesy to do so!?” Her anger was evident when she spoke.
Woelf turned to look at her, the apology clear in his eyes as he met hers.
“I am sorry my love, you were sleeping and I did not wish to disturb you.”

With only a flicker of life left in the body he drank from, her lover moved out of the way and offered the final kill to his new bride. Her anger at him instantly melted away, once again to be replaced by sweet intense longing…the usual reaction when he was near.

Lady Gina looked at the near lifeless body for only an intake of breath and then lunged, plunging her sharp, new fangs into the last remaining pulse of the human’s neck…suckling deeply, like a babe long starved for his mother.

She had now become a full-blood vampire, a creature of the night…Dark Lady Gina, as she was now to be known, was reborn into this new life. The life she had wanted for as long as she had known Woelf…as his wife, his lady of the night…

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