Dysfunctional Families


Dysfunctional Families

Dysfunctional Families

She alone, dreamed of an escape, however, an escape is not within reach, yet only dreams of it; release. 

Released from the bonds that hold her down; tying down the depths of her very soul, she survives attempted rape,  abuse, neglect, abandonment, being disowned, drugs, and even alcoholism. Survived the death of both her parents. The worst was the loss of a child, the loss that few were there for in the midst of her struggles.

She survived, not using her past as a crutch only as a weapon to find the right path on the road less traveled; she chose more wisely and gained recovery from within her heart and outside her body’s torment. Misdiagnosed, she should have run; she did not run. Her therapist stated, “If I thought you could not handle it, I would tell you to run like hell!”

She fought the fight through it all, even the assaults; there were more than one. A loaded gun, being choked, full plates of food thrown in her face. Many chapters of her life turned pages yet the one that she remains in is the family dysfunction and the grips it has on her life this very day; every single day.

Wanting to sell all, she keeps all, as God continues to build her inner strength, breaking her down to rebuild her, remold her; mending the shattered glass that was made by her past; those are the rocks of her past, the rocks of her present; the rocks and glass that build her character from dysfunction to functionality.

She stands alone, among tall meadows of grasslands, under the moon’s luminesce tranquility; she renews her faith in wishing on stars and saying novenas. As she was told several years ago, “Faith is fear that has said its prayers.”

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